How to add websites to Yandex using webmaster tool

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How you can quickly add websites to Yandex using webmaster tool and submit a sitemap to Yandex for better visibility in Yandex search. Stay tuned, if you want to learn more on how to connect your websites on Yandex.

Why submit URL to Yandex Search Engine?

Yandex is the most widespread Russia based search engine specialized in web information, e-commerce, transportation, mobile app and Yandex.metrica (A web analytics tool offered by Yandex).

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Before moving deep into listing your sites on Yandex, let’s discover more about how to verify your websites on Yandex webmaster tool. To submit and verify your site with Yandex you need to create Yandex and log-in to use all relevant features on webmaster tools.

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STEP BY STEP- Guide on website URL submission with Yandex webmaster tool

Add websites to Yandex search engine
Add websites to the Yandex search engine
  1. Log-in to Yandex webmaster dashboard
  2. Click on the plus sign and list your websites address
  3. Yandex will automatically scan all your site info, after that you need to verify your ownership manually.

Verify Ownership with the following Method (Yandex)

verify ownership with following method( Yandex webmaster)
verify ownership with following method( Yandex webmaster)
  1. A meta tag( Add meta tag on your site home page or else verify using Yoast SEO Plugin)
  2. HTML FILE ( Add verification code on site’s root directories)
  3. DNS Record ( verify ownership by adding TXT file on DNS of your domain)
  4. WHOIS( add and verify your websites with Yandex.Passport)

You can use the Meta tag to verify your sites using the Yoast plugin since it is one of the most effortless methods to verify so far.

add yandex verification code on Yoast plugin
add Yandex verification code on Yoast plugin
  1. Copy verification code from meta tag tab
  2. Log-in to your WordPress  dashboard
  3. Click on Yoast SEO > General > Webmaster tool
  4. Paste your code on Yandex verification code column
  5. Click on save changes

Note: You can also copy the Meta tag code and paste below <head> column under header.php file in WordPress.

How to submit Sitemap to Yandex Search Engine

submit sitemap to yandex
submit sitemap to yandex

After successful configuring your websites, then it is important to submit the sitemap of your website. A sitemap is similar like websites source code, all associated websites information stored together so Yandex bot can efficiently crawl to index further on Yandex search result page.

If you are using Yoast as your default SEO plugin, then it’s really easy to check a sitemap.

Type inhttps://yoursite/siemap_index.xml

Copy your sitemap URL > Go to Yandex webmaster > Indexing > Click on sitemap files >then manually add your sitemap.

Isn’t it simple!

Please let us know if we have missed out on any relevant information on how to add websites to Yandex using the webmaster tool. If you find this article valuable, please share it on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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