5 Best Places to visit in Bhutan

places to visit in Bhutan
places to visit in Bhutan

5 Best Places to visit in Bhutan| Bhutan is the mysterious landlocked country between two overpopulated countries India and China.

The country itself is mould with tranquil happiness, en-craved with venerable Buddhist monastery, colourful textiles, fresh water to drink and 100% only carbon negative country on this universe.

Bhutan is also highlighted as the last remaining Shangrila with diverse culture and unique tradition. The King, Government and the people function like family with the utmost dedication to each other.

Best Places to visit in Bhutan
5 Best Places to visit in Bhutan

The philosophy of Gross National Happiness is shared, nurtured and taught among the people of Bhutan from an early age.

List of 5 Best Places to visit in Bhutan

1.Tiger Nest Monastery

Best Places to visit in Bhutan
Beautiful Tiger’s nest monastery

Beautiful Tiger’s nest monastery or Takstang Goempa is perched beautifully on a slippery cliff above 3000 meters from sea level.

It is believed that the great Mahayana Buddhist master Ugyen Guru Rinpoche flew on the back of tigress (transformation of khandro Yeshi tshogyal) to present places and subdue wrathful deities.

best plces to visit in bhutan
Prayer flags near Takstang monastery

How difficult is Tiger’s nest Trek

It is better to start your hike early morning, eat light meat-free breakfast and start your journey.

It takes an approx 20-minute drive to reach Takstang base camp from the main town.

Beautiful souvenir items are displayed near base camp, varieties of pine trees along the ways and when you walk further, you can see the first glimpse of Tiger’s Nest monastery.

Best Part of my Hike: I really like to walk along the labelled stone steps, overviewing beautiful Paro valley.

2. 169 ft. Buddha Dordenma statue

Best Places to visit in Bhutan
Buddha Dordenma

Massive 169ft. Buddha Dordenma/ Buddha Shakyamuni statue is constructed on the hilltop of Kuensel phodrang.

Buddha Dordenma project was fully founded on 25th November 2015 with the cooperation of Singaporean sponsor.

The statue is also regarded as world biggest Buddha statue, comprising 125000 petite bronze glided statue inside it, making its Best Places to visit in Bhutan

3. Motithang Takin Reserve

Best Places to visit in Bhutan
Takin grazing

If you are within Thimphu then you need to definitely visit once, Motithang Takin Reserve above upper motithang Thimphu.

Here you can discover lovely animals starting from Musk deer, diverse species of birds and Bhutan’s only national animal “Takin” conjoined goat-headed and cow’s body. It is believed to be created by Lama Drukpa Kinley (Divine Madman).

4. Tachog Lhakhang

Best places to visit in Bhutan
magnificent Tachog Lhakhang

Iconic Tachog Monastery/Tamchog is ideally nestled on the hilltop between Thimphu and Paro High-way. This temple is over 900+ year old with long iron chain bridge conjoining along the pathway, build my popular Buddhist saint Lam Thang Thong Gyalpo.

The minute you steps on the bridge, you can really feel river shimmering, adrenaline elevating so rapidly and fluttering prayers flags touching your face.

5. Gasa Tshachu/ Hotspring
Best places to visit in bhutan

Gasa tsachu or hot spring is thus widespread among Bhutanese, largely older folks are found in hot springs.

The tshachu is believed to cure multiple diseases, relieve joint pain and Nausea.

How to Reach Gasa TSachu

If you’re aiming to visit Gasa Tsachu then best time are from September- December, since throughout summer season the road condition will not be ok to travel.

It takes one whole day if you start your journey from Thimphu, without night halt in Punakha.

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5 Best Places to visit in Bhutan

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