Bhutan Snowmen Trek- Ultimate trekking Guide

Bhutan Snowmen Trek- Ultimate trekking Guide

Bhutan Snowmen trek

Bhutan Snowmen trek is rated as one of the toughest treks in all over the Himalayas, reaching the maximum 6000m elevation.

Most of the trekker return unfinished from halfway due to extremely cold weather condition, a critical case of hypothermia and also due to high altitude sickness.

Bhutan snowmen trek
Andrew Purdam/flicker

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The trek commences from beautiful Paro valley to Bhutan’s most remote unspoiled land of Lunana village, overviewing picturesque snowcapped view of Mt. Jomolhari, Jichu Darke and Gangkhar Phuensum.

As being world’s toughest trek Bhutan snowmen trek is conducted by only well-certified trekking tour Agency like Bhutan travel Bureau and undertaken by highly experience trek guide.

Bhutan Snowmen Trek
Andrew Purdam/flickers

The best season for snowmen trekking in Bhutan will be during summer from mid-April to end of August since throughout winter most of the passage route will we block with heavy snowfall.

At the same time, it will be challenging for the trekker to complete in extremely cold weather.

Mountaineer and ultra-marathon athlete Ben Clark, Anna Frost, Tim Olson has successfully accomplished the hardest trek in the world within 15 days and also set the speed record.

Check out how ultra-marathon runner took on the world’s most difficult trek.

Note: The trek crosses eleven different high passes along the way between Bhutan- Tibet borders of average 9 hours walk to complete Bhutan Snowmen trek

Most of the trekker return incomplete from half way due to extreme cold weather condition, severe case of hypothermia and high altitude sickness. The trek starts from beautiful Paro valley to Bhutan’s most remote unspoiled land of Lunana village, overviewing scenic snowcapped view of Mt. Jomolhari, Jichu Darke and Gangkhar Phuensum

Here is the checklist of Certified Tour operators for operating snowman trek Bhutan

  1. Bhutan travel Bureau
  2. Yangphel Adventure
  3. International Treks and tour
  4. Druk Asia
  5. Snow white tours
  6. Wind horse tours

Bhutan Snow men trek itinerary for 28 Days and 27 Night

  1. Arrival to elegant Paro valley and one night halt in tourist standard hotels
  2. Test hike to Tiger Nest’s monastery
  3. Paro Drukgyel Dzong – Sharna Zampa
  4. Sharna Zampa- Soi Thangkha
  5. Soi Thangkha-  Jagothang Base
  6. Jagothang sightseeing and exploration
  7. Jagothang to lingshi
  8. Lingshi- chebisa
  9. Chebisa- Shoumuthang
  10.  Shoumuthang- Robluthang
  11. Robluthang- Lingmithang
  12. Lingmithang to Laya
  13. Laya Night halt
  14. Laya to Rodhuphu
  15. Rodhuphu to Narithang
  16. Narithang to Tarina
  17. Tarina to Woche
  18. Woche to Lhedi
  19. Lhedi to Thanza
  20. Rest Day in Thanza Valley
  21. Thanza to Tshochena
  22. Tshochena to Jichu Dramo
  23. Jichu Dramo to Chukarpo
  24. Chukarpo to Tampetsho
  25. Tampetsho to Marothang
  26. Marothang to Nikachu zam
  27. Punakha
  28. Back To Paro for departure.

Snowmen Treks Highlight

  • Maximum Duration- 26 Days
  • Highest elevation- 5000m
  • Trek standard- Hard
  • Best season for trekking- Mid June- August End
  • Starting point- Gunitsawa Paro

Check out Ben Clark Bhutan Snowmen trek documentary  

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