Bumthang owl trek- complete Guide

owl trek in Bumthang, Bhutan
owl trek in Bumthang, Bhutan

Bumthang owl trek is considered as one of the easiest and moderate 3 days treks in Bhutan reaching about 4000m maximum elevation.

The Bumthang owl trek trails take you through a wide scenic forest of blue pine trees, diverse varieties of Rhododendrons species can be seen along the pathway followed by magnificent snow-capped Mt.Gangkar Phuensum.

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First sign of Bumthang owl trek

Trails to Bumthang owl trek in Bhutan

Due to large owl population in choekhor and Dhur valley, frequently hooting at night, trekker started to name this treks as Bumthang owl trek.

It normally takes three days crossing Dhur village, reaching out to Drangela Pass, night halt at Kitiphu Ridge on 3650m and completing your trek via crossing religious Tharpaling Monastery Blessed by living Guru Rinpoche (Lama Nakhey Ningpo).

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3 Days Bumthang owl trek -complete Guide

Best Bhutan trekking season to Trek Bumthang owl trek

April- June can be the best time to undertake this treks since most of the flower have been blossom and less chance to encounter with Himalayan black bears.

Lists of flora and fauna you might encounter during Treks

  • Green lush Blue pine trees
  • Maple
  • Spruce and varieties of Juniper species.
  • Different kind of Rhododendrons beautifully blossom

Things to pack before Trek

The climate can be bit chill during day time and extreme cold at night, so it is better to take warm air-tight jacket and pants, thick warm socks, sun cream to protect your skin from UV rays, suitable high standard hiking boots, Gloves and Hat to protect your face from direct sunlight.

Note: All you’re belonging, meals, place to stay are taken care of as part of a package.

How Much Bumthang owl trek cost

Bumthang owl trek cost
Bumthang owl trek cost

Travelling to Bhutan can be a bit expensive since foreign tourist has to pay $250 during peak period and $200 per day during low season excluding India, Maldives, and country like Bangladesh.

I guess most of you have freaked out but $250 cover your Hotels, foods, transportation, well trained/certified Guide and other expenses.

Bumthang owl trek will cost around $600-$650 to complete this trek and I will personally recommend Yangphel Adventure travel if you are planning to easy and moderate owl trek.

They are leading trek expert and oldest trekking operator in Bhutan, Certified by Tourism Council of Bhutan.

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