Drones rules and regulation in Bhutan


Flying Drone and taking aerial photo could be exciting but there are certain Drones rules and regulation in Bhutan.

You need to follow this before flying drone in Bhutan.

Bhutan is a mountainous country lies along Terrance of the Himalayas, it covers over 60% of forest including different varieties of flora and fauna.

Why Bhutan is Best Place to Fly Drone?

UAV aerial footage can be amazing in Bhutan and most of the tourist, who is visiting Bhutan, are mostly content creator, blogger and News reporter.

To make their content viewers attractive they implement aerial footage in their work.

This Blog provides exclusive guidelines on Drones rules and regulation in Bhutan

Drones rules and regulation  in Bhutan
General Drones rules and regulation in Bhutan

You shouldn’t fly your drone above 90 meter (300 feet).

-You shouldn’t fly your drone near crowded area or near shrine.

-You have to submit an application to BCCA with clearance certificate from MOHCA and BICMA.

-You should avoid flying your drone above visual line of sight.

-You can fly your drone during daylight, when the weather is clear.

-You are restricted to fly your drone near within 5km of airport area.

-Drone camera shouldn’t weigh more than 6kg.

Do you need to register your Drone before flying?

Drones rules and regulation  in Bhutan

Yes, of course, you need to register your drone and obtain drone permit, it’s mandatory.

BCCA allows drone weighing 6kg (including battery and camera).

Drone operator needs to visit flight operation or legal section, BCCA office Paro Airport for registration.

Recently BCCA has lift ban on UAV or drone with strict regulation and drone pilot should submit a certification that the pilot has enough experience, technical knowledge and need to provide drones specification.

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