How to add propeller ads to blogger(AdSense Alternative)

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How to add propeller ads to blogger

Most newbie bloggers start their blogging career on blogger/BlogSpot and it’s become handy to monetize your blog with AdSense or

Propeller Ads is considered as best Google AdSense alternative after (Yahoo Bing Ads network) and info links.


Propeller Ads come with various Contextual Ads formats to display relevant ads on your websites and adding propeller ads to your blogger sites will be profitable, if you receive huge traffic.

How to add propeller Ads to blogger or BlogSpot (AdSense Alternative)

A brief history of Propeller Ads Network

Propeller Ads is the leading AdSense alternative mobile and display Ads Network working with the finest leading companies like MOBIDEA, MUNDO, PEERCLICK and AFFBANK with 1 billion user reach.

How to add propeller ads in blogger

Recently, I started my blog on the BlogSpot domain and it’s was about the online jobs website.

After a couple of days, I notice a bit bump in my views count and I applied for AdSense.

I didn’t receive any response from the AdSense team, thereafter I research on the internet about approval from Google AdSense.


To my surprise, I notice a couple of policies involves in approval from AdSense and my blog wasn’t meeting their policy.

I was left speechless and I totally stopped blogging for some time.

Then one of my friends and online mentor recommended propeller Ads to integrate on my blogger sites.

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And I applied my sites for propeller Ads and receive instant approval mail within 24 hours and the results were really surprising.

Types of Ads available on propeller ads

  • On clicks or Popunder Ads
  • Native Ads
  • Push Notifications
  • Native interstitial Ads

How to sign up for propeller ads for blogger websites

Firstly click on signup for propeller ads as a publisher and verify /confirm your emails to access their dashboard, where you can easily list your site.

How to sign up for propellerads for blogger websites

Note: if your sites have huge traffic from foreign countries like the US, Canada or the UK then you are sitting on a gold mine.

Once you are login to your profile, you can find a dashboard with various revenue models like CPM, CPS and SMARTLINKS.

Click on Add site on the right side of the dashboard

how to adds propellers add in blogger

You have to Add sites and verify domain name

add propllerads in blogger

Two different types of methods are available to verify your domain name.

  • Add a meta tag in your header section
  • Upload verification file on root server through FTP

How to verify propeller ads on blogger

log in to your blogger dashboard and then select the theme section available on the left sidebar

add propeller ads in blogger
  • Select Edit HTML and paste verification code below <head> tag and click on save the theme.
how to add propeller ads in blogger

Then go back to propeller site and tap on verify option. After successful verification set your payment method and Payout rate

Different types of payment modes are available on propeller ads

  • Epayment
  • Payoneer prepaid master cards
  • Payoneer Bank Transfer
  • Paypal
  • Skrill
  • Webmoney

How to increase propeller ads CPM

CPM actually stands for cost per thousand impressions.  If your CPM rate is higher than you will easily earn more money with your blog.

Try to blog on a very attractive niche like a biography about Hollywood celebrities, share reviews about Hollywood actors/actresses and try to create sites like English movie trailers etc.

Note: propeller ads are compatible with Google AdSense (you can easily use both Adnetwork together on a single site to earn money online)

Propellerads high performing Ads

1. Popunder (onclicks)

Popunder (on clicks) Ads are common on popular movie downloading websites or viral sites which on click which redirect the user to another website.

They also enable the publisher to monetise visitors through Anti-blocking software.

2.  Native Direct Ads

In this Ads format, you can earn more money by directing huge traffic to your sites by placing Ad campaigns on popular social sites like Facebook, Quora and Instagram.

3. Web Push Notification

Web Push Notification has a higher potential to attract a huge audience, which automatically increases your Conversion Rate.

How to easily get approval from propeller ads Network
  1. Websites should contain some basic information. You can post about 5 to 10 articles as a maximum.
  2. Try to use an eye-catching theme/ responsive theme( check on theme template for free theme download)
  3. Do some on-page customization for better user experiences and input the social share button for a better result.

Propeller ads review

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Setting up your website with Propeller Ads has immense advantages since it’s a CPM based ad network, which means if you are getting massive traffic from USA UK and other western countries then you can easily receive propeller ads payout.

I am sure; that if you follow all my guidelines then within 24 hours you can easily get approval from propeller ads without any problem.

Conclusion: Work smart not hard

There are lots of ads network available in the market, but you need to work with the best Ads network for better productivity and higher output.

Learn to work smart not hard as Steve Jobs the founder of Apple company truly said “And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary”. Believe in yourself, and work hard every single day.

If I have left out any information regarding how to set up propeller ads on the blogger site, then please feel free to leave a comment below.

Signup for propeller ads and start monetizing your blogger /word press sites.

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