How to convert Bmobile balance into data Package

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How to convert Bmobile balance into data

If you have accidentally added a talk-time Bmobile voucher on your phone instead of mobile data. So the question is how do I convert bmobile vouchers to data?

Once, I also caught up with the same incident but Bmobile customer care in Bhutan doesn’t care much about this issue.  “They simply reply we don’t convert

No worries, here is the simple guide that will literally help you to convert your main balance into data using an App.

Convert Voucher to Data/Net package (Bmobile)

  1. Go to the Play store & Download  MY BT APP on your Phone
  2. Register using your Bmobile number & add your desired pin.
  3. You will receive OTP to confirm your phone number
  4. Now, your balance will be displayed
  5. Click  on “Data Plan Purchase
  6. Once you purchase their data plan this app will automatically convert your main balance into data.

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I hope I have answered all your doubt but still, if you are unclear, watch the video below.

How to convert Bmobile balance into data

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