How to convert talk-time to data in Tashicell

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Recently, I have written about how to convert balance into data in Bmobile and after publishing that article I received many enquires & suggestions to also write about how to convert talk-time to data in tashicell.

Are you worried that you have mistakenly recharged your SIM with a talk-time balance in tashicell and finding a solution to resolve it by calling tashicell customer care in Bhutan sadly, all lines are busy.

No worries, here is the 2 simple guide that will literally help you to convert your main balance into data using some code & mobile app.

1 Method:

Convert Voucher to Data/Net package (Tashicell) Using Code

  1. Press *121# call
  2. Select “Manage Service”
  3. Click on “Manage Data Plan”
  4. Select “Subscriber  Data Plan”
  5. Now you can see lists of tashicell data plans.
  6. Press “M” if you have a recharge voucher below Nu.300 or else enter “0” and move back.
  7. Now you can purchase any plan as per your requirement.

2 Method:

Easily Convert Voucher to Data in Tashicell using App

  1. Go to the play store.
  2. Enter my tashicell on the search bar.
  3. Open it after installing it on your phone.
  4. There is a procedure to register on an app. complete all the procedures.
  5. Now enter your password and select subscriber’s package.
  6. Then the app will display the list of packages available
  7. Select your desired one from the list
  8. That’s all

I hope I have answered all your queries but still, if you are unclear, watch the video tutorials below.

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