How To Open Kenmore Electric Stove top?

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To open Kenmore electric stove top is pretty much the same process as opening any flat top stove. Of course, there are always going to be a few who are different, however, other than screws being located in different places, the concept should be similar. 

To open a Kenmore stove top, you’ll need nothing more than a Phillips-head screwdriver. Open the front door to the oven and there should be two, possibly three screws at the top. They’re generally located in the corners. Remove them and the top should swing up.

You’ll probably only be able to lift it so far before you’ll also have to remove the screws that are holding the heating elements to the bottom of the glass surface.

Once you remove those and separate the top from each heating element, it should open freely or you can remove it entirely.

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Removing The Rear Hinges

In case you just want to take the entire stove top/cooking service off, you’ll also need to get at the hinges in the back. There should be a couple of support rods on each side of the stovetop when you have it opened at an angle.

  • Remover the support rods 
  • Disconnect the ground wire
  • Open the back panel w/control knobs
  • Remove the hinge pin
  • Remove the rear hinges

Open Kenmore Electric Stove top (STEP BY STEP Guide)

The rods should easily slide out of their holding brackets. If they’re stuck tight, use a little WD-40 love to get them moving again. 

In order to remove the hinge pin—which is located towards the back and to the right-hand side of the stovetop (underneath)—slide the entire stovetop to the left, which should pull the pin out of its receiver.

Now pull the entire oven forward and completely out if you can. If you can’t pull it completely out, pull it forward just enough so that you can access the back and the wires that are running into the control panel. 

There will be a ground wire in the back as well and you will need to remove it. Usually, the ground wire is green. Anytime you work with wires, double-check to ensure that the oven is unplugged. The ground wire will be secured with a Phillips-head screw, remove it. 

There will also be a strap that contains all of the other stove wires, remove the strap as well by removing the screw and pushing them off to the side. Now you should be able to remove the entire top off of the stove, including the back control panel.

Remember, there will be hinge pins in the back and if you are replacing the stovetop with a new one, you’ll want to remove those hinge pins so you can use them in the new one if it didn’t come with a set of its own.

Wrap Things Up

Make sure to be very careful with the stove top once it is unsecured, it is a glass panel after all. In order to replace it, follow all of the same steps in reverse order. The same goes for if you’re making a repair underneath.

That should do it. Removing and/or replacing a Kenmore electric stove top isn’t too difficult.

Just make sure you have a few tools handy to prop the stove top up as you’re removing each piece and you should be good to go.

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