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Inwook booked his one-way ticket to Delhi India and the flight took 13 hours with a 4 hours layover in Vietnam. During the layover in Vietnam, he met with his Vietnamese friend Bach and tried out authentic Vietnamese foods.

A young energetic South Korean guy name inwook has literally crashed the YouTube algorithm by gaining 272000 subscribers within a couple of weeks and I guess this is one of the fastest-growing YouTube channels so far. Inwook might be 17 to 18 years old but we are not sure about his age.

During his flight from Hanoi to Delhi he slept straight for 4 hours.

When he reaches the airport he didn’t feel safe with local taxi drivers so he booked an uber and yeah, one Indian guy helps him to travel safely.

His vlog “Korean tries Indian street food for the first time” has hit a million views within 12 days.

If you have watched his videos then you will feel so happy because his videos are full of interesting interactions with locals.

Currently, he is in Bangkok for Thai street food.

How much Inwook make from his YouTube videos?(Net Worth)

He has gain unrealistic subscribers within a short span of time so I guess recently only he has got approval from the YouTube partner program. That’s why, inwook might not be earning much but I guess he has already crossed $100.

As of 2022, he has an estimated net worth of $2500 and in future, his net worth will increase drastically.

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How old is Inwook? (Age)

His age will be between 17 to 18 as of 2022.

List of food Inwook has tried in India?

  1. Aloo Tikki burger
  2. Chicken Maharaja Mac
  3. Dosa
  4. Vada
  5. Idli (rice cake)
  6. Pani Puri
  7. Dahi Bhalla
  8. Fire Pan
  9. Momos
  10. India tea chai
  11. Lassi
  12. Neembu Pani (Indian version of lemonade)

If you haven’t watched his videos then I highly recommended watching them since it is so addictive.

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