Life in Yakutia (Maria Solka) Age, Wikipedia, name, Net Worth

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Life in Yakutia is a YouTube channel created by a 28 years old Yakutsk girl named Maria Solka. She shares the different lifestyles of Yakutsk/Sakha people living in the coldest inhabited places in the world like kiun B. Likewise, if you have made planned to travel to one of the coldest places in the world then you really need to check out her channel once. She has shared about winter farming in an extremely cold climate, ice fishing, a tour in an open-air meat market, and how traditional Yakut ice cream is made through her videos. Moreover, she has an estimated net worth of $350000.

Maria Solka was born in a small village Ensieli located in central Yakutia on the left bank of Lena River and her current age is 28 years old. She got married to handsome young man Aysen on 18/08/2018 in front of her loved ones.

Life in Yakutia Education

  • She is pursuing her master degree from north eastern federal university.

Life in Yakutia Net Worth

Her channel has gained 73.2k subscribers as of 2021 and has gained about 2.75 million views out of 48 total videos uploaded so far. Every week she uploads two to three videos on her channel and the subscriber is growing exponentially at the rate of 90 new subscribers every single day. Total upload video generates over 922000 views a month. Therefore she is earning estimated revenue of $110 per day ($39600 annually) solely from YouTube ads that run on his videos.

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She doesn’t promote any brands but she does make thousands of dollars through donations by her viewers.

Patreon Income

Maria has two Patreon subscription tiers, costing $3, and $5.  If you don’t know about Patreon, it is a subscription-based service where creators make a certain subscription amount in exchange for an exclusive offer by the creator.

She has over 20 patron supporters and if we do the math.

Let’s say all 20 of member have taken $3 package then she makes every month $60 from her Patreon page.

She has an estimated net worth of $350000.

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  1. Maria Solka‘s current age is 28 years old as of now.
  2. Also, she is married woman.
  3. Likewise, born in small village Ensieli located in central Yakutia.
  4. Her real name is Maria Solka.
  5. She is of Yakutsk nationality.

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