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Who is Bobby from sailing Doodles and what is the channel about?

Bobby White (age 39 as of 2022), who was born and raised in the US, is the mastermind behind the sailing doodles channel. He documents his sailing journey and tries to make a living from it.

He seeks to inspire anyone to follow their dreams and is hoping to fully explore his burning desire for adventure. Also, he has an estimated net worth of $1.2 million.

While there isn’t much about his early years and educational background we know that bobby was living the corporate dream as a pilot before a sudden and tragic health condition changed his life for good.

Instead of viewing his health condition as a setback, he decided to continue his exploration journey by creating sailing doodles.

Since then he’s been sailing on the boat around the world and documents his journey on YouTube.

Bobby White currently has very supportive fans that sometimes join him in his sailing journey.

Sailing Doodles – Bobby white’s story and where it all started

Bobby was a pilot for two decades before he became a full-time sailor.

He spends most of his time overseas including four years in Nigeria and another four years in Dubai.

Somewhere in between, he went back to Texas for about five years flying gulf streams for a very wealthy family to their vacation homes in the Caribbean and the US.

During that time he suffered a devastating stroke that literally put an end to his flying career.

One morning in 2015, he woke up with a migraine and decided to take ibuprofen to relieve the pain. However, he didn’t know that he had a brain bleed.

Immediately after he picked up his phone to text his girlfriend but for some reason, he couldn’t even read or figure out what to say.

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When this happened he panicked and got into his car and rushed to an urgent care facility. When Bobby got there he had a cat scan and they confirmed that he was experiencing a hemorrhagic stroke.

Upon diagnosis, he was put on a helicopter and taken to a hospital in Dallas Texas that treated his brain-related trauma.

Bobby spends 11 days in the Neuro ICU.

Unfortunately, he lost his medical license to fly and was somewhat numb for a while.

He had to re-teach himself everything from reading to writing and even maintaining a conversation.

It took him a while before he could get it together fully.

One day he was listening to a sailing podcast where Elena and Riley Sailing la Vagabond was being interviewed and for some reason, he was completely inspired by what they were doing.

He had done a little lake sailing while in the Caribbean so he developed an interest in doing that a little more.

Bobby was also convinced that if the folks from Sailing la Vagabond can do it then so could he.

He decided to sell everything he owned and decided to start his brand sailing doodles which he named after his two Labradoodles goose and maverick.

Then after he went to Houston to purchase his boats and set sail with his close friend Megan on rough seas. They sailed across the Gulf of Mexico to Florida within seven days.

Lora his girlfriend

While in US Virgin Islands, he met Laura (his girlfriend and sailing partner) at the time she was working as a travelling nurse.

Coincidentally Laura was an ICU nurse who took care of patients who suffered a stroke.

She was very much impressed that Bobby White didn’t let his tragedy stop him from living his life.

Laura was so helpful and always ensured that bobby was feeling better as the day went by.

In June 2017, Bobby had to drop her off in Puerto Rico and he took up a job there to keep himself busy.

His boat was under contract to sell, however, he encountered a hurricane which greatly ravaged Puerto Rico and damaged the rough seas where he sailed.

Because of this, he had to give his boat away.

While he had a channel to finance his living expenses he did not have enough to buy another boat or to keep his venture going.

Initially, his goal was to sail around for about a year before selling the boat.

He then wanted to use the experience to get a job as a crew on another boat; however, when the hurricane happened he had to turn sailing doodles into a travel vlog.

Bobby chose Thailand as his first destination and one of his viewers gave him a lead which earned him 50000 views and more success on his channel.

Ron Patson of Gulf charters who gave him one of the boats sitting in Vancouver for years was a blessing from his viewers.

Ron gave Bobby the 50ft Beneteau (white squall) and he immediately started sailing.

Then he went back to pick up his girlfriend Laura from Bellingham Washington so that they could sail together for a while.

The plan was that Laura was going to be a part of the sailing doodle’s crew for about two months before starting her nursing job in Florida.

Supposedly, she had always been looking for a guy who loved sailing for decades.

Now that she had found one, she became hooked and decided she’d rather sail with him for the long haul.

Together they documented their journey and even rented cabins from their viewers at a set rate.

Dating Life and Social Appearance

Bobby White was dating the beautiful nurse Laura; however, they broke up about a year ago.

As mentioned earlier Bobby met Laura when he was in the US Virgin islands coincidentally she was an ICU nurse.

Unfortunately, the two decided to split because their relationship didn’t seem to work out very well.

Bobby often claims that it was tough to work through their issues so it was easier to spend time apart from each other.

Laura went ahead and started her own channel Laura Libra where she posts her own videos.

As for Bobby, he’s currently in Belize with his new girlfriend.

Sailing Doodles Net worth

The American YouTube channel Sailing Doodle’s has an estimated net worth of $1.2 million as of May 14, 2022. The channel started when Bobby was recovering from his traumatic stroke and now has over 457k subscribers and all the channel’s videos combined have successfully hit 12 million views.

Currently, Bobby white is able to generate about $4000 every month from his videos and that continue to grow over the years.

Are bobby and Taylor from sailing doodles a couple? (Relationship)

Taylor and Amanda are just crew members sailing along with Bobby.  He never dated Taylor Francis as he was in a serious relationship with Laura Peters.

Social Media Account

  1. Instagram
  2. Facebook

What happened to the dogs on sailing doodles?

Bobby’s dog maverick passed away on February 6, 2020, in Dallas from cancer after living almost 10 years.

Sailing Doodle’s crew member

  • Megan Finley
  • Amanda Wojtas
  • Stephanie
  • Tess
  • Geraldine
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