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Samcrac is the most recognized public figure out there on YouTube widely known for his outrageous videos on wrecked cars rebuilding and selling them online. Samcrac aka Sam Gordon by his real name becomes popular when he delves into controversy after he started rebuilding Domino’s Pizza DXP car online.

Sam never mentioned his Parents or wife but he talks frequently about his stepmom Cory.

He believed she is the most influential female figure of his life and always empowered him to do what he wants in his life.

Before jumping into YouTube Samcrac was raising chickens and selling them as a chicken farmer.

Sam buys most of the cars from online car auction sites like Copart and he lives in central Florida.

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Is he married? (Divorced)

He never mentioned his wife but a year ago Sam made a video titled “I saved $10000 buying my wife a “lightly Damaged “Audi Suv but it came hiding a Massive problem. We don’t know if is he still married to his wife or divorced.

Many of his viewers want to know his wife’s Instagram but sadly nothing is disclosed.

Likewise, he bought his wife her dream car Nissan Figaro after a year of searching at a Japanese auto auction and had it Imported.

How old is SamCrac? (Birthday & Age)

We don’t know what his actual age is but as per our assumption, he is around 45 to 50.

How Much Does Samcrac Make on YouTube? (Net Worth)

His channel has 1.26 million subscribers as of 2022 and has gained about 250,072,454 views from the total videos uploaded so far. Every 1 week he uploads two to three videos on his channel and the subscriber is growing exponentially at the rate of 2500 new subscribers every single day. Total upload video generates over 1.5 million page views per day. Therefore he is earning an estimated $8000 per day ($2880000 annually) solely from YouTube ads that run on his videos.

As of 2022, Samcrac is worth $8 million. He also generates additional revenue from the Amazon affiliate program and Car deals.
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