Slogoman success stories from rag to richest (YouTuber)

Slogomon success stories from rag to richest YouTuber

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Who is Slogoman?

Slogoman or josh is a British YouTuber who rose to fame through gameplay videos. His channel is growing at exponential rate 2019 with an average of 85000 million views per month and 6 million subscribers. Even though he was there on YouTube for almost 6 years now, this year is been best for Slogoman.

Today we are going to cover everything from his first flop channel to start a gaming channel from GTA gaming to team Robust.

Personal Information

Slogoman real name is Joshua Robert temple.  He was born on May 16, 1997, Surrey England. He has a sister named Amelia, who sometimes features in his videos. They have two dogs, Poppy and Lily. There no such information available about their parents or childhood.

Josh was a Rugby player during his school days.


He watches lots of YouTube those days and got an idea of starting his own channel. So he created his first channel Oximoro which was an entirely different channel. He uploads videos for some time but it wasn’t getting any exposure.  Josh felt like the channel is not going anywhere and he has to do something about it.

Meanwhile, he had his friend Bradly; yes Bradly is the man behind the gaming channel “TheGamingLemon”.  Bradly and Slogo knew each from a very young age, they studied in the same school.

Bradly already started his gaming channel in 2017 and he was doing pretty well. While Josh was in confusion about his channel Brad encourages him to start his gaming channel. Thus Josh started his most iconic channel “slogoman” in 2013 when he was 15 years old. His first ever video was upload on September 21, 2013, and it was a GTA gameplay video. It was actually his first GTA gameplay.

Starting a YouTube channel at 15 is no joke. In beginning, he started with 10 videos a month but he was consistence and his views were gradually increasing.  By December 2013 he had 50000 subscribers within 4 months, which was really fast.

By February 2014 he started second channel “slogoman2”. He continues uploading GTA video and gradually increases the number of uploads. On July 2014 he got more than 80000 subscribers and this was his first time showing off his face in public.

Throughout 2014 he played GTA and started uploading one video per day. Meanwhile, he also became friends with kwebbelkop and Jelly.  Josh met them in-game squad and got connect through YouTube and gaming thing.  Three of them created “Robust” they played together and eventually though of taking at home and moving in together So that they can make videos as the robust team officially.

In February 2015 they found a place and name it as Robust mansion. However, Josh couldn’t be part of the plan because he was still in college pursuing his degree in psychology and sociology.

It wasn’t possible for him to move to Amsterdam with the other two. By 2015 Josh finishes his college and now finally he became officially full-time YouTuber.  On July 2015 he releases his first merchandise and toward the end, he played other games like happy wheels, Gmod, scrap Mechanic etc.

Relationship/ Slogoman Girlfriend

Josh started dating Alyssa. He shared viewer through his insta post.

Alyssa is neither a YouTuber nor public figure. Their relationship is mostly known through Insta post and he never reveals his relationship in his videos.

Slogoman Net worth

He is currently one of the fastest-growing gaming channels on YouTube. Slogoman has an estimated net worth of $10 million.  

Slogoman and Fortnite Relationship- How josh started playing Fortnite

When Fortnite was released on July 2017, Josh started playing the game. As the game exploded in gaming community he turns completely into it. His sub and views increase exponentially with more than 2 billion views with an average of 195k subscriber coming each month on his channel.


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