Taylor Dzaman Age, Wikipedia, Rebecca, Net Worth

taylor dzaman with his girlfriend rebecca
taylor dzaman with his girlfriend rebecca

Taylor Dzaman is a Canadian YouTube content creator popular for making videos like living in a truck camper RV, Stealth camping, how much propane my truck consume, how an RV works and sometimes make outdoors fishing videos.  His current age is in between 28-30 years old as of now and has an estimated net worth of $500000.  Dzaman is presently dating beautiful girl Rebecca, who is also from Canada. He met her in a coffee shop as she was working there.  

Taylor used to work as a tour bus driver in the summer but wasn’t happy, he just felt stuck with his life. Early morning he called his mom and said; “change is on the horizon mama bear” but his mom couldn’t understand.  Later on, he sold his house, bought $50000 worth of Arctic fox truck camper to live in.

During his childhood, he locked himself in a room and think around life. He was always an outdoors person from the beginning. Also, check out other Canadian YouTubers Mavrik Joos , Mariah Alice and Steve Wallis who make similar videos like Taylor.


  • He studied in one of the high school in Canada but we don’t have any information about his degree.

Taylor Dzaman Girlfriend

  • He sometimes features his girlfriend Rebecca in his YouTube videos.

How old is Taylor Dzaman?

  • As per our assumption his age is in between 28-30 years old

Taylor Dzaman Q&A

Who do you watch most on YouTube?

  • I actually don’t watch too may YouTubers right now because I’m obviously trying to create my own YouTube videos and I don’t watch a lot of RV channel just because I want to be original. If I watch them I would kind of copy or create what they’re creating. One YouTubers I watch when I was getting into RV Market was Gone with the winds and after starting my YouTube channel I watched Peter McKinnon, who is best known for camera angles.

How do you hang things up on your wall?

  • They are called command strips they’re like ten times better then Velcro and they come off the wall they don’t rip anything.

Am I going to get a Pet?

  • Oh I would love a pet especially Dog but here is such a small space for dog and when I start working again I, gonna be working 14-hour days it’s too long to be in a RV. So, I was thinking about cat or rabbit but bunnies need a certain temperature so I don’t know if bunny is a good idea.

What other RV would you like to buy if you don’t have a truck camper?

  • I would be interested in class B the Van camper love it. Mobility simplicity I always think to myself maybe I should’ve gone with the van camper but the grass is always greener on the other side.

How Much Money Does Taylor Dzaman Make on YouTube?

His channel has 60200 subscribers as of 2021 and has gained about 10 million views out of 181 total videos uploaded so far. Every 2 week he uploads two to three video on his channel and the subscriber is growing exponentially at the rate of 400 new subscribers every single day. Total upload video generates over 230k page views a month. Therefore he is earning estimate revenue of $200 per day ($72000 annually) solely from YouTube ads that run on his video

As of 2021, Taylor has an estimated net worth of $500000.


  1. Taylor current age is 28-30 years old as of now.
  2. Also, his girlfriend name is Rebecca.
  3. Likewise, he is a YouTube Content creator
  4. He lived in RV fulltime
  5. He is of Canadian nationality.

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