Ura Yakchoe Festival In ura valley Bumthang

ura yakchoe festival in Bumthang
ura yakchoe

Ura Yakchoe festival is one of the most important festivals for the people of Ura Bumthang.  The festival is held during 16th April till 20th April about Five days.

How to Reach Ura Valley Bumthang

The picturesque Ura valley embraced with full of pine trees all over the places and you can also discover edible anti-cancer Matsutake mushrooms.

Ura valley lies between Bumthang- Mongar Highway and most people out there largely depend upon potatoes farming and Yaks Herding.

Ura Yakchoe Festival
Robert Gold/flickers
History about Ura Yakchoe Festival

History about Ura Yakchoe Festival stories reveals that one old woman was relaxing outside her house twirling sheep loom to makes Yathras and Blanket. She Had unexpected visitors asking her for a glass of water.

ura yakchoe festival
Robert Gold/flickers

Then she went inside to bring water for the stranger and when she came back the mysterious person was nowhere to be seen.

To her surprise the strange man has left a sack behind, mysteriously she opened the sack and found a golden coloured statue of Chana Dorji (true Manifestation of Vajrapani)

ura yakchoe festival
Robert Gold/flickers

The statue of chana Dorji has been taken care of by a descendant of Gaden Lama and its only showcase during Ura Yakchoe festival.

List of Items Performed During Ura Yakchoe Festival
  • Shinji, Zhana, jujing and Damitsi chams performed during the festival.
  • sacred treasure including the statue of Chana Dorji, Guru’s statue and holy books are a showcase to the people of Ura and tourists visitants.
  • Different varieties of local Bhutanese beverage like Ara, Bangchang and cingchang are served during the festival.

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