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Xander Budnick is a popular YouTube influencer in his late twenties who posts videos of camping, whitewater canoeing, and survival training in the Canadian wilderness. He has over 150,000 followers on YouTube and continues to grow his following every day with almost 40 million views.

Xander Budnick is twenty-six years of age and was born and raised in Waterdown, Ontario, Canada. He currently lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

He has a brother named Dylan who is featured in some of his videos.

Is Xander Budnick Married?

While Xander Budnick has never been married, he does have a girlfriend.

Although their relationship is still fairly new, his YouTube fans will be anxious to see if she turns out to be wife material.

How Much Does Xander Budnick Make on YouTube?

Xander Budnick started his YouTube channel in 2007 and began posting videos of his camping adventures in April 2009. Over fourteen years later, he has 377,000 subscribers with almost 39 million views of his videos.

His estimated net worth as of 2021 was approximately $450,000 from his YouTube channel alone. Xander also makes money through modelling.

He is represented through the agencies Sutherland Models and Drea.

What Kind of Content Does Budnick Upload on YouTube?

Xander Budnick posts videos on his YouTube channel mainly about camping, white water canoeing, and survival challenges like Matthew Posa.

A lot of the camping videos are solo adventures although his brother Dylan has joined him for a few excursions.

One video of the siblings features their experience camping in a hot tent they made from scratch in -9 degrees Fahrenheit (-23 degrees Celsius) weather. On other occasions, they set up tarps to sleep under in the snow or camp out on the ice for a little bit of fishing.

Most of Xander’s videos include lone adventures surviving in the wilderness for a few days at a time without seeing a single soul.

Sometimes he sets up bushcraft shelters, sometimes tarps, and sometimes he has no shelter at all.

Imagine roughing it in nature with no cover in the snow or heavy rain. Despite challenging conditions, Xander always makes the best of his situation and demonstrates to his viewers the power of persistence and positivity.

What Are Xander’s Most Popular Videos?

Half a dozen of Xander’s videos have attracted over one million views.

Wintertime camping without shelter or a sleeping bag, autumn camping during heavy rains, and camping solo on Snake Island in the middle of Lake Simcoe in Ontario, Canada are popular videos.

Xander’s survival challenge of being alone in the wilderness for three days carrying only basic gear and no food amassed over two million views. His most popular video to date, with over twenty million views, is his three-day winter camping excursion in deep snow and temperatures four degrees below zero Fahrenheit (20 below zero Celsius) without a sleeping bag.  

Xander admits that night was one of the coldest he had ever experienced in his outdoor sleeping adventures, and he had a lot of issues with snowshoeing during that trip. He’s always very accommodating about answering his followers’ questions and addresses come of these in the comments.

He explains that he only uses dead trees for shelter and fuel and that he isn’t concerned with wild animal encounters as wolves are a rarity and bears are in hibernation.

What Kind of Gear/Camping Gear Does Xander Budnick Use?

Xander confides to his viewers that he usually spends money on some new piece of equipment before every camping excursion he records.

He’s also very thorough about posting the equipment he uses in every video, sometimes including links to purchase them.

Some of his most popular go-to equipment includes Mec Talon sleeping bags, Silky saws, a Gregory Baltoro backpack, and a forest axe made by Scandinavian company Grandfors Bruks. When he’s not roughing it without shelter or in bushcraft constructed lean-tos, he uses a Zpacks Duplex tent when he’s with his brother or an Aqua Quest tarp if he’s on his own.

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