Sailing Doodles Bobby age, Girlfriend, Dogs, Crew, Net Worth

Who is Bobby from sailing Doodles and what is the channel about? Bobby White (age 39 as of 2022), who was born and raised in the US, is the mastermind behind the sailing doodles channel. He documents his sailing journey and tries to make a living from it. He seeks to inspire anyone to follow…

Weed em and reap rented a rolling turd of our own and camped out for a few days at Woods Canyon Lake, about 2 12 hours from their house

Weed em and Reap Danelle Age, Goat, Net Worth, Meaning

The US-based channel Weed em and Reap started in January 2014. The channel is hosted mainly by Danelle Wolford a blogger and aspiring farm girl who lovingly persuaded her husband to buy some goats. They have an estimated net worth of $1.1 million. Farming is not an easy job. It takes a lot of sacrifice,…

crazy lamp lady holding turquoise italian pottery at the Mad Hatter Antiques

Crazy lamp lady age, Real name, Husband, Net Worth

Famous by her nickname crazy lamp lady is a channel owned by an American lady Jocelyn Elizabeth. Aside from being a social media influencer, she’s also known as a treasure hunter, relic recoveries and blogger. She was born on the 1 September 1988 in the small town of Methuen in Massachusetts which makes her age…

picture of Andrew Camarata with his vehicle Tl12 and his beloved dog

Andrew Camarata age, Wife, location, house, Net Worth

Andrew Camarata 36-year-old American may be the most improbable influencer in the world. In New York, he was hard at work growing his career as an excavation and property maintenance professional when he came to the attention of millions of people across the world through YouTube. Forget about Andrew Camarata being just another YouTube star…

Trent and Allie cute photo enjoying weather of Salt lake city Utah

Trent and Allie age, name, baby, Mormon, Net Worth, religion

YouTubers Trent Childs (age 35) and Allie Miraglia (age 31) are an adventurous married Diy duo who travels the world in their mobile home for three years. Travelling the world is a lot of fun but it’s also quite hectic since you have to carry around your luggage, look for a place to stay and…

Jake and Nicole Mace enjoying their pizza near hot fire

 Is Nicole Mace a Supermom?

Off-grid with Jake and Nicole Mace has always been a source of inspiration for many people and with recent events, they took some major steps to improve the value of their lives. Recently, they bought a new place in a tropical zone more on that later. Well, do you think Nicole Mace is a supermom?…

Wild wonderful off grid Erin and Josh showing their new born turkey chick.

Wild wonderful off grid Erin Age, Location, Net Worth, Names

Wild wonderful off grid is a YouTube channel started on May 12 2018, by a young couple Erin age 30s and Josh Myers (age 32), in their attempt to document the self-construction of their own home located in West Virginia, United States. The channel comes under the category of How-to and Style. The wild wonderful…

Max McFarlin trying out vietnamese dish

Max McFarlin Age, Girlfriend, Birthday, Wife, Net Worth

YouTube travel vloggers are a dime a dozen. It seems that every day, more and more travel vloggers are giving YouTube a go. Very rarely do they succeed. This is because they don’t even attempt to stand out from the crowd.  Max McFarlin is different. Right from the get-go, his YouTube channel ‘My Kind of…

Simple Living with the Segovias Matt and Kendra Segovia are known for their off-the-grid lifestyle living in the mountains of northern Idaho.

Simple Living with the Segovias Age, Net Worth, Names

There are many YouTube influencers out there inspiring people to live their lives marching to the beat of a different drum. Here is a great example of one such couple Simple Living with the Segovias. Matt age 30s and Kendra Segovia (age 30s) are known for their off-the-grid lifestyle living in the mountains of northern…

Life Uncontained couple Mackenzie and Spenser has build solar water heater

Life uncontained Age, last name, Baby name, Net Worth

Who are the people in life uncontained? Have you ever thought about leaving your regular household and moving into a unique living space with an independent environment where you can build your own house? Well, the Life Uncontained couple Mackenzie and Spenser (age 30) did just that and actually got quite successful in exceptional pursuit….