Joe Robinet Wife

Wilhemina Robinet (Joe Robinet’s Wife) Bio, Age, Children

Who is Joe Robinet Wife? Wilhemina Robinet is the wife of Joe Robinet, who is a popular Canadian solo outdoor survivalist, bushcraft expert, and a YouTuber. Wilhemina is from Windsor, Ontario and the couple has two beautiful daughters. Her date of birth is not disclosed on any social site i.e. we are not able to…

Joe robinet

Joe Robinet (Alone contestant) wiki, Wife, Surgery, Net Worth

Joe Robinet is a Canadian solo bushcraft survivalist expert, A YouTuber, owner of scout, book writer “Scout goes camping” and also a contestant of the reality TV show “Alone” of History channel.  He started adventurer outdoor camping at a very young age and until now he is too intrigued about his passion. As of 2020,…

Ryukahr real name

What is Ryukahr real name? wiki, Age, Net Worth

What is Ryukahr real name? Is Ryukahr real name Ryan or Ryu? Many online gamers, YouTubers, and Ryukahr’s video viewers are confused about Ryukahr’s real name. Also, he hasn’t disclosed his name on any of his videos. Ryukahr Real Name After several hours of online research, we knew that his birth name is Ryan, born…

Kathy Pol

Kathy Pol (Dr Pol’s Daughter) Bio, Age, Net Worth

Dr. Jan Pol’s daughter Kathy Pol is the eldest of all three adopted children of Dr. Pol and his wife Diane. She learned everything about the farm chores at an early age from her father, who is a Dutch veterinarian popular for the television show “The Incredible Dr. Pol”. Kathy’s husband Gregory Butch died of cancer and…

Gregory Butch

Gregory Butch (Adam James Butch Father) Bio, Age

Who is Gregory Butch? Gregory S. Butch aka Gregory Butch is the father of late Dr.Pol grandson Adam James Butch and the husband of Kathy Pol.  Butch was born in the year 1965 to Thomas & JoAnne Butch in Michigan City, Bad Axe.  Before his death, for almost 22 years he worked as a chemical…

Estelle Linden

Estelle Linden Biography, Age & Net Worth

Who is Estelle Linden? Estelle Van Der Linden aka Estelle Linden is a popular Indonesian actress famous for being featured in Soap operas shows like she’s not Cinderella, Baim’s Dairy, Light of Love, etc.  Estelle Linden was born on 19 October 1995 in Yogyakarta (a small island located near the southern part of Java Island)….

Reatha Butler (Ray Charles’s Daughter) Wiki, Age, Net Worth

Reatha Butler is the daughter of popular American singer Ray Charles and Mary Chantal Bertrand. She was born in the year 1966 and elder sister of Alexandra Bertrand. Still today her father Ray Charles’s songs are still loved by millions of his fans. Also, President Obama said; “America the Beautiful” song of Charles is one…

Alexandra Bertrand

Alexandra Bertrand (Ray Charles Daughter) Bio, Age, Net Worth

Alexandra Bertrand is the daughter of blind sensational American R&B singer Ray Charles and his darling girlfriend Chantal Bertrand. Her father is listed as “100 greatest singers of all-time in American history” by “Rolling Stone”.

David Robinson

David Robinson Ray Charles Son Bio, Age, Net Worth

Who is David Robinson? David Robinson is a son of popular American songwriter, Pianist and talented gospel singer Ray Charles also known as “Brother Ray”. His mother is Della Beatrice Howard Robinson a mother of three. He was born in the year 1958, Los Angeles and his current age is 62 years old. As of…

evelyn robinson ray charles daughter

Evelyn Robinson (Ray Charles’s Daughter) Bio, Age, Net Worth

Evelyn Robinson is the daughter of legendary American pop singer Ray Charles and Louise Mitchell, who is a native of Tampa (3rd largest city in Florida).  Evelyn was born in the year 1950 in Tampa a place where her father Ray first records his song “I found my baby there”. She has an estimated net…