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My name is Karma Phuntsho and I am the founder of drukadvice.com( a travel blog from Bhutan). When I was very young I used to dream about travelling, going from places to places, experiencing different flavoured cuisine and camping on a hilltop.

But when I grew up I realized that it’s wasn’t possible, need lots of money to do that. It’s was in September 2018, I was on Facebook chatting with a stranger.

She was from Denmark and I told her that I’m from Bhutan, but to my surprise, she didn’t know where Bhutan was.  From that Day I thought of coming up with a travel blog from Bhutan. That how Drukadvice was Born

In our Blog, we cover the pros and cons of travelling solo, different places for hiking, authentic Bhutanese cuisine and lot more.

I am also obsessed with the digital world like SEO, Blogging, content marketing plus new gadgets. Join Our
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