Chris Bamman Age, Wikipedia, Job, Net Worth & Boat

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Chris Bamman is an Australian YouTube creator born on the south coast of NSW Australia popular for making outdoor camping videos, Kayaking, spear & line fishing videos.  If you have watched his videos, you will notice that he always travels on his Blacklip AHM220N Boat and sometimes use sky blue Hobie Peddle Kayak. For spearfishing, he wears Blacklip wetsuits.  His wife’s name is Bec and has three children. His uncle Bob Davis is a popular old-time underwater driver.  As per our assumption, Chris Bamman’s age is around 42-48 years old and has an estimated net worth of $580000.

You can also check out Sam Sobi and Fishn More YouTube channel they also make similar videos like him.

He uploaded his first-ever YouTube videos 9 years ago tiled as “Bush Gold” climbing near a giant waterfall.

Education & Job

  • He hasn’t shared his educational background as he doesn’t talk in any of his YouTube videos.  Chris is a full-time creator so he doesn’t have a day job. It was his wife Bec who suggested to upload his lifestyle on YouTube.

Chris Bamman boat type

  • Blacklip AHM220N Boat
  • sky blue Hobie Peddle Kayak

How old is Chris Bamman?

  • Chris might be 42 to 48 years old but we don’t know his real age.

Social Media

  • Instagram – Bamman79
  • Facebook– Chris-Bamman_YouTube

Patreon Income

Bamman has two Patreon subscription tiers, costing $5 (fuel fund) $10 (Mates’s rate). If you don’t know about Patreon, it is a subscription-based service where creators make a certain subscription amount in exchange for an exclusive offer by the creator.

He has over 30 patron supporter and if we do the math.

Let say all 30 of member have taken $5 package then he makes every month $150 from patreon page.

How Much Money Does Chris Bamman Make on YouTube?

His channel has 167k subscribers as of 2021 and has gained about 35.2 million views out of 128 total videos uploaded so far. Every 2 weeks he uploads two to three videos on his channel and the subscriber is growing exponentially at the rate of 500 new subscribers every single day. Total upload video generates over 970000 views a month. Therefore he is earning estimated revenue of $250 per day ($90000 annually) solely from YouTube ads that run on his videos.

As of 2021, Chris has an estimated net worth of $580000.

Chris Bamman's uncle Bob Davis doing the pier diving on the old batemans bay bridge along with officer Ron Edwards
Bamman’s uncle Bob Davis doing the pier diving on the old batemans bay bridge along with officer Ron Edwards image source: Instagram


  1. Christ’s current age is 42-48 years old as of now.
  2. Also, he runs a successful YouTube channel.
  3. Likewise, he is from the south coast of NSW Australia
  4. He loves outdoors fishing.
  5. He is of Australian nationality.

If I have left out any information about Chris Bamman, please do let us know!

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