Dauminique the Dump truck driver real name, Age, Husband, Net Worth

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The trucking industry plays a crucial role in the movement of goods across the nation and contributes more than $792 billion to the country’s GDP. Yet, despite its significance, there persists a societal tendency to undervalue this profession. One woman, however, is tirelessly reshaping this perception and carving her niche in the trucking world. Meet Dauminique Fisher, the driving force behind “Dauminique the Dump Truck Driver.”

With nearly two decades of experience in trucking, Dauminique has recently garnered attention through her YouTube channel and social media platforms. Through captivating videos, she invites viewers on a thrilling journey, narrating her experiences as a dump truck driver transporting construction materials across various terrains.

Who is Dauminique the Dump Truck Driver & Husband?

Dauminique wears multiple hats: a fearless dump truck driver, company owner, wife, entrepreneur, and mother to three children. If you are a regular viewer, you might know that she recently had to part ways with her truck due to an accident involving her husband, Bobby Fisher. Though her husband didn’t face any injuries, the truck was in bad shape. The headlights, hood, tyre rod, fuel tank, air cleaner, doors, windows, and exhaust were all damaged. Due to this, she had to leave her truck for around 3 and 1/2 months for repairs. While insurance covered more than 60% of the total cost, she still had to pay $3,554 out of pocket. Now, after a long wait, she has her hands on the truck, and she’s back in business.

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What is her Real Name and Background

But how did she join the trucking world, and how much does she earn from her profession? Dauminique Fisher aka  Dauminique the Dump Truck Driver, originally from Boston, discovered her passion for truck driving after watching a childhood video.

Despite her uncle’s scepticism about whether trucking was a suitable career for a girl, Fisher remained determined to pursue her dreams. She began working in her family’s businesses and later joined a company where she was promoted to project manager. But everything changed when she underwent surgery, leading her to take a 6-week home rest on pain medication. Feeling restrained by her 9 to 5 job, she decided to pursue her childhood dream of becoming a truck driver. With support from her husband, Fisher enrolled in a truck driving school at just 21. After completing her training, she began her career as a truck driver, hauling fish from Alaska to Southern California as part of a team. Later, she started working as a dump trucker, a job she deeply loves and continues to do to this day.

Net Worth & Earning

In 2019, to share her exciting and sometimes chaotic experiences as a truck driver and to connect with others in the trucking community, she joined YouTube with the moniker “Dauminique the Dump Truck Driver.” With over 106k subscribers on YouTube and nearly 22k followers on Instagram, Fisher is now one of the prominent figures in the trucking community.

So, how much does she earn from her trucking career? She makes $52 per hour as a union dump truck driver. Assuming she works 40 hours a week, 52 weeks a year, her base pay would be well over $100,000 annually.

However, with the nature of construction work in the region, actual yearly earnings could vary significantly depending on available work, overtime, and other factors like weather and equipment issues. Apart from that, she is also the owner of a company named Beyond Dirt LLC, which provides equipment rental and excavation services for customers. On the official website of this business, Dauminique even sells her merchandise: t-shirts, glasses, stickers, caps, bags, posters, and mugs. Considering all this and income from YouTube ads, brand promotion, and affiliate links, it is likely she has an estimated net worth of $1 million. What’s more, her new house, purchased in 2021, also adds to her growing wealth.

Dauminique’s story epitomizes resilience and determination, challenging stereotypes while thriving in a traditionally male-dominated field. Her journey inspires and educates, underscoring the invaluable contributions of truckers nationwide. Share your thoughts on Dauminique Fisher’s remarkable odyssey in the comments below.

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