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Mat Armstrong has made a name for himself in the automotive industry as well as the BMX
community. Mat is a former Professional BMX rider and a YouTuber from Leicester, England,
UK. he has captured the attention of many from the BMX community by showing his
performances. He later decided to create videos fixing up cars. Here is the story of his success
and everything you should know about him.

Mat’s Age and Family

Mat Armstrong is 29 years old. He was born on June 11, 1993, in Leicester, England, United Kingdom.
He grew up with his father, Tony Armstrong, stepmother, Karen Kay, and sister, Holly Michelle
Armstrong. When he was young, he loved helping fix cars with his father, playing action sports,
riding his bike, and exploring.

Beginning of Mat Armstrong’s BMX Career

Mat started taking BMX seriously when he was 14. He started slow on the racetracks but
doing the stunts excited him. He spent hours practising his tricks and style at home and the
skate park until it was perfect. He ended up improving and became a sponsored rider for many
BMX brands.

His BMX Youtube Channel

On April 7th, 2013, when Mat was 19, he started a YouTube channel using his name to
showcase his BMX riding skills for potential sponsors to see him. Mat had to learn video editing
while working on his Youtube channel. This hard work has paid off for him. He gained a sponsor,
Madd Gear MGP, and competed in BMX competitions in different countries, including France,
Germany, and Dubai while finishing sixth form in school.

Even though he was competing internationally, it was only covering his travel expenses. So,
while competing in Dubai, he started coaching other BMX riders for a living from the age of 16 to
20 years old.

Why Mat stopped competing in BMX competitions

Mat Dislocated his shoulder when he participated in the qualification round at the BMX World
Championships. He was performing the 720 tailwhips when the injury happened.
Even though he qualified in 16th place, He couldn’t finish the competition because of his
dislocated shoulder.

His shoulder injury continued to be an issue, it started popping out of place sporadically in his
sleep, which led him to quit his BMX career.

Where Mat had Learned to Rebuild Cars.

Mat learned basic mechanical skills by working on his father’s cars with his father.
Because of his passion for motors, he landed a job at Graham Goode Motors.
At Graham Goode, Mat’s job entailed designing websites, running Amazon and eBay shops,
and managing the company’s social media sites, including the Graham Goode Racing YouTube

Before Graham Goode Motors, he delivered food for an Indian Restaurant, Spice 45. Once he
got a full-time job at Graham Goode, he worked at Spice 45 part-time in the evenings.

Eventually, Mat worked at Mallory Performance LTD for a brief amount of time.
His original goal was to invest in properties and earn passive income, so he could
retire from his work, rebuild cars and ride his bike like the detail Geek.

Mat Armstrong invested in his first property when he was 21. He planned to earn passive income if he
renovated, refinanced the house then rent it out. He continued with his plan and bought a few
more houses. He now has a total of 4 houses.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t generating the income he had hoped for, so he continued to work his
full-time and part-time jobs while fixing up cars.

How Mat Armstrong Became a Full-time YouTuber

Mat loved creating videos of him restoring and customizing cars with his friends. He continued
working on growing his YouTube channel when he was not working multiple jobs or working on

During the Covid-19 lockdown, Graham Goode Motors laid him off until He took the free time he
had now to work on growing his YouTube channel and gained thousands of subscribers quickly.
So, Instead of purchasing another house to renovate, he took the risk and bought a salvaged
Bentley Continental GT for £10,000 from eBay. He took this risk because he thought he had
more chances of him growing his YouTube channel than renting out houses.

Mat filmed himself rebuilding the car and posted the videos on YouTube. This rebuild got him
featured in the Daily Express.

Five weeks later, he asked to return to work at Graham Goode Motors. Mat returned to work
until he started making more money from his YouTube channel. By the end of 2019, he became
a full-time Youtuber. He now focuses on creating videos for rebuilding cars instead of BMX. His
first Viral video was titled “I bought the UK’s cheapest Audi S5!” that published on January

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Mat Armstrong Success and E-Commerce Store

One thing that sets him apart from other YouTubers is that he engages with his audience,
responds to their comments, and incorporates some of his follower’s feedback into his videos.
He also likes to show what goes on behind the scenes.

Mat now owns an online store where you can order: car parts, detailing products, clothing, and
fashion accessories. He decided to link a store with the products he recommends or reviews on
his videos. All the profits from his store go to helping him create more content and projects for
his youtube channel.

Despite his success, he does remain humble and grounded. He still shares his love for BMX
with his views and he still hopes to inspire the generation of BMX riders to help the sport
continue to grow. He also wants to inspire gearheads, like himself to know there is no limit to
creativity and imagination.

Net Worth

Mat’s net worth as of December 2022 is estimated to be 2.2M $, and he makes about 200K$
annually.His income comes from ads placed on his videos, Affiliate marketing, Brand
partnership, selling his merchandise in his e-commerce store, and making guest appearances
on podcasts and videos. As of February 2023, Mat has 1.18M subscribers on youtube, 187k
followers on Instagram, and 258.3k followers on TikTok.

Mat Armstrong Girlfriend

Mat is in a relationship with fellow YouTuber, Hannah Smith. They live together with their dog,
Kevin in Leicester, England.

The Car Collection

Mat has a unique car collection, he has a total of 15 vehicles. Here is a list of the vehicles he
currently has.

  1. Lamborghini Gallardo
  2. Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4
  3. BMW 140i
  4. Audi Rs5
  5. 2002 BMW M3
  6. Toyota GT86
  7. Audi S3 Saloon
  8. Mercedes C63 AMG
  9. Maserati Liberty Walk
  10. Aston Martin Vantage
  11. Maserati gran tourismo
  12. Land Rover Range Rover
  13. Porsche 718 cayman s
  14. Lamborghini Murcielago
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