How to become a digital nomad in 2021

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The best thing about digital nomads is that you can be your own boss. So I have jotted down some tips on How to become a digital nomad in 2021.

what makes you a digital nomad and enjoy your lifestyle

As a definition from Wikipedia digital nomads are ” a type of person who use telecommunication technologies to earn a living and moreover they conduct their lives in a nomadic way”

skills you Require

There are lots of ways and methods to earn online on the internet.

  • work on Fiverr
  • Start your own Blog
  • Create a YouTube channel
  • Do transcribe
  • Start your Dropping Business
  • Teach online on Udemy
  • Do online Trading works on IQoption

Fiverr provide an amazing platform for any entrepreneur to work online and create a successful business.

You need to create an eye-catching online profile with your Job experiences. It can be of any gigs from Graphic design, Video Editing, Animation, programming, etc.

Note: Input related Tags and keywords on Fiverr to rank high

Once you receive an order from Fiverr, you have to deliver your task at a given time and then you get paid.

The more order you complete, Fiverr will rank your profile at the top. Isn’t that cool.

Blogger career opportunities

A career as a blogger can be challenging but the rewards are unbelievable. So if you are good at writing then you should start a blog.

Some Blogger earns around six-figure a year with just a single blog.

Like Jeremy ,he earns more than $100,000 per year with his blog.

How to start a Blog

Before starting your blog, you need to decide on what topic you want to blog. I personally recommend Blue host as a reliable service provider, and they too provide free domain with 24/7 free online services.

Bluehost plan for word press

Bluehost provided three different plans to start up your blog. if you are a newbie blogger then you can go with a basic plan. Its costs $2.95 per month.

check domain name availability

Check available domain and if you already have an existing domain from another source like Go Daddy, you can select the second option.

Then you will be redirected to a page, where you need to provide account and Package information, follow by billing information.

Lastly, check the Bluehost terms and policy box then you will receive an email in your mailbox about a successful purchase of hosting from Bluehost. Now you are ready to.

How to earn money from my own Blog

You might be wondering, how do digital nomads make money

There are lots of Ads Network available to monetize your blog but your blog should have rich content with ample organic traffic. You can place interactive direct media Ads on your blog.


How to earn money from YouTube as digital nomads

YouTube is the second largest search engine online after Google.

I guess most of you might have watched You Tuber earning $1000 per day with their YouTube channel but the inner core tricks are that you need to gain a strong subscribers base.

If your channel has over millions subscriber base then you can easily earn over $1000 per day with just a single video.

Now Youtube has implemented a new policy on eligibility for monetization of a channel that every channel should acquire 1000 subscribers with 4000 hours of watch time during 12 months.

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After approval from YouTube, Ads will start showing on your videos and each time a viewer clicks on your ads, a certain amount will be credited to your Adsense account.

Online transcription jobs as digital nomads

Are you looking for earning extra bucks from home, then transcription can be best for you. Some digital nomads earn over $150 per week from transcription works.

Basically, what does transcription mean” Transcription is similar to any data entry job, listening to any audio or recording file and typing related content in MS-word/ document?

Later on, submit to the client for reviews and feedback. Some company pays almost $20 per hour for transcription jobs like

Transcription jobs requirements
  • High quality computer with strong internet services.
  • Best head phone
  • You should have good English essence both writing & listening.
Start your dropping shipping Business as digital nomads

Starting your business as Dropshipping is one step closer to entrepreneurship.

What is Dropshipping Business?

Actually dropping means generating passive income without any inventory from your online store.

There are lots of digital nomads who earn passive income every single day by dropshipping products to customers.

This means that the drop shipping business is a risk-free business model with zero/ very less investment.

The main key to uplift your dropshipping business is, finding a valuable niche and doing effective promotion on social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Google Adwords, etc.

Once you receive an order and make your sale, you don’t have to look at the packaging, storing/ shipping your product.

It will be taken care of by a supplier and they will directly ship the product to the respective customer’s doorstep.

Teach online on Udemy as digital nomads

Udemy is an online learning platform for any individual, provide a solution through videos courses and teach online to millions of user from any corner of the world.

How to earn money from Udemy as digital nomads

Firstly you need to create highly informative/in-depth video course, 1that you are good at with amazing video quality.

For couple of days ,you can give it for free just to gain reviews and students on your profile. Once you have enough students then you can make another video course with the paid version, literally, you can see sales on your profiles.

Do online Trading works on IQ option as digital nomads

Iq option is a versatile trading platform for cryptocurrencies, binary options, forex & stocks.

How to trade on IQ option to become digital nomads

I think I have answered all your questions, go ahead and choose any method for earning passive income as digital nomads

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