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Who is Joel Bruner?

Joel Bruner is the friend of the most popular YouTube food vlogger Mark Wiens and his wife Ying Wiens. He is also a writer at Migrationology (food travel blog).

Most people wanted to know is Joel Bruner related to mark wiens as he is seen in most of Mark’s YouTube videos, eating together, travelling and laughing. I think Joel is taking care of all the blogging stuff & Mark is fully into a vlog.

Bruner has two sisters Alana Duncan & Marissa Wes. His Mother’s name is Denise Mark Bruner.

Sorry, we didn’t get any information about his father.

Early Life

His parents travelled a lot before he was born they moved from the US to Africa. Bruner learns so many things and got a chance to know many authentic foods since his parents always moved to different countries after some year.

When he was in Africa he met with Mark, since both of them were studying in the same school. They became friends instantly! After few years Joel reconnected with Mark in Bangkok and there they started a food blog “”.

How old is Joel?

He was born on 4 August, 1986 that make him 34 year by 2020.

What is his Net worth?

We don’t have any information about his net worth. We will update once we receive the information.

What is his real name?

His real name is Joel Wayne Bruner.

Is joel bruner married ?

No, he is still single and unmarried.

10 Amazing Facts about Joel Bruner

  • He is the friend of food vlogger Mark Wiens
  • Bruner loves any types of warm Drinks
  • He is a core publisher of Mark food blog “” and “”
  • His YouTube channel name is “Joel Bruner” and has 43000 subscribers base
  • His top three places that he travelled are China, India & Brazil
  • Till now he has travelled to 36 different countries.
  • Top 3 cusine Joel loved so much are Thai, Chinese and somewhat Indian.
  • “Raan Boi-Sein” is his favourite restaurant located in Bangkok, Thailand.
  • Heathrow, London Airport is his favourite international airport.
  • Joel is still single and unmarried.
Mark wien & Joel eating together

I hope I have answered the entire question. If I have left out anything, please do let us know by commenting below!

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