Liza Koshy Net worth- How Much money Liza Makes on YouTube

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Liza Koshy Net worth-$4 million

As per social blade statistics, Liza Koshy Net worth is $75.9k-$1.2 million annually.  She generates most of her revenue from YouTube videos ads, affiliate marketing, brand deal and paid advertisement.

Liza is the ex- vine star, a current YouTuber and a social media star. She had an over 16 million subscriber fan base including both of her YouTube channel and she did all this within two years. Each of her videos uploads gains an average of 6 million views.

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Early life and Family

Liza real name is the Elizabeth Shaila Koshy.

She was born on 31st March 1996 that makes her 23 by 2019. She was born and raised in Houston Texas. Her mother is white and father is Indian that makes her half Indian and half Caucasian descent.

Her parents’ names are Jose Koshy and Jean Carol. Besides of being a mixed kid from the kinder garden until 5th grade, Liza was placed at dual language and educational cultural program there she learns Spanish.


Liza graduated Lamar High school in the year 2014 and enrolled University of Houston and began to study business marketing. Later she moves to L.A to pursue her dream career. While Liza was in high school she loved to dance and also she is an amazing dancer.


In 2013 when Liza was in high school all of her friends were using Vine because of peer pressure she thought of giving it a try.  She began making vines under the name Liza with three “z” and quickly gains popularity on the app and became one of the most-followed people on Vine.  

She primarily uploads videos with relatable content that in a way she can easily connect with young viewers. Before vine was shutdown Liza has over 5 million followers in her vine account.

When the vine was dying a slow death she did her transaction to YouTube. She posted her first YouTube video on July 8, 2015, which was her introduction video about what she is going to upload on her channel.

 Also, she created amazing characters like carols, Helga, baby Liza and many more. In the year 2016 Liza opens another YouTube channel named as Liza Koshy 2, where she normally opened spam mails and do non-scripted DIY stuff.

Liza YouTube success is crazy, including both of her channels she gains 16 million subscribers just in two years and still growing at an exponential rate.

Liza and David Relationship

Liza and David started dating in 2015 but they announced in the year 2016. David took four-month to ask Liza out for dinner. When they were dating they choose to keep their relationship secret for three months. But sadly they “Broke up “.


She has achieved so much success at a very young age. In the year 2016 Liza won the streamy award and very next year she won streamy and teen choice award. She interviews Barak Obama.

Social Media Followers

Instagram –14 million followers

Twitter- 2.7 million followers

YouTube- 16 million subscribers

Liza Koshy Twitter

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