Xavier Alexander Wahlberg

Xavier Alexander Wahlberg
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Xavier Alexander Wahlberg is the son of Donnie Wahlberg the famous American actor, scriptwriter, film producer and singer. Donnie has also played a lead role in various Hollywood movies like a dream catcher, the sixth sense, Ransom etc.

Xavier Alexander is currently 26 years old and was born on 4th March 1993.

Who is the mother of Donnie Wahlberg’s son?

Kimberly Fey is the mother of Xavier. She used to work as a recording engineer when she met Donnie.

He was a musician in Funky Bunch Band. Both of them dated for eight years and finally got married.  

After a couple of years, Xavier’s parent decided to get separated when Kimberly filed a case against Donnie for an alleged affair with Canadian model Michelle.  After that, she raises both her son Xavier and Elijah Hendrix Wahlberg alone.

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Who were Grandparents of Xavier?

  • Alma Wahlberg
  • Donald Wahlberg

Xavier Alexander Wahlberg Net worth

Donnie both son Elijah and Xavier are the equally net worth of $1million.

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