Is it possible to match with celebrities on dating sites?

how to date celebrity

Many singles who sign up for online dating will wonder what their chances are of interacting with famous people. More and more celebs are turning to the privacy and discretion of digital matchmaking. Why? They’ll be used to paparazzi following their every move when they’re out and about. Being able to socialize with prospective partners from their homes or hotel rooms would seem to be a no-brainer! So, men and women looking for one night stand or long-term relationships might keep an eye out for well-known faces amongst the dating site profiles. Let’s take a closer look at the possibilities for matching with famous people.

Why celebs choose virtual romance

As intimated, one of the overriding reasons why people in the public eye enjoy private socializing is because they can get fed up with constant scrutiny. Whether they’re actors/actresses heading across red carpets to premieres, or pop singers greeting fans at launch parties, they’ll become blasé about the volleys of camera flashes. That’s part of being a celebrity. But the time will come when they’ll secretly wish they could enjoy the same anonymity as their fans, especially when it comes to getting acquainted with a love interest. If they do spot something they’d like to get to know better, even approaching them for some small talk will set tongues wagging and generate gossip column headlines. They would much prefer entering an environment where nobody is spying on their every move, and any messaging they do is done via a discreet communication platform.

Attracting celebs

Now we’ve established that celebrities are often in the habit of resorting to the same online dating sites and apps as everyone else, the next question is how to match with one. Our first recommendation is to follow the same rules as you should when trying to attract the attention of any single, regardless of their occupation! So, your most important tips are ensuring you upload a suitable photo, and that your profile is suitably eye-catching. Where the former is concerned, rather than sifting through your social media and taking a screenshot of a selfie, take some time to compose your portrait. After all, this is the first impression of you that the potential celebrity will see. Give an enticing smile, and make sure there are no distracting images in the background. It would also be preferable if you could take this shot with a good camera – and in high-definition. As for your profile description, the key is to make this sound as interesting as possible in a short space – so think quality, not quantity! Rather than laboriously listing everything you’ve done, as if you’re writing a CV, jot down the edited highlights. And whether you’re eager to get together with a celebrity or anyone else, allow your true personality to shine through. Don’t put on fake airs or graces, and never stretch the truth when describing your accomplishments. Celebs are, at the end of the day, people as well, with flaws of their own. They’re more likely to be drawn towards someone they can empathize with.

Chatting with someone well-known

Dating sites offer all sorts of methods of touching base, and you’ll quickly get a hint of which suits you. Texting. Emailing. WhatsApp messages. Phone calls. Video chats. Use whichever method you feel most comfortable with. The important thing is not to get starstruck, especially if you go with video chatting to introduce yourself. No matter how eager a single celeb happens to be to find a partner, they won’t be impressed if you come across as yet another gushing fan. Chatting to them as if you aren’t fazed would be much better.