Vtuned Garage Age, Real Name, Brother, Net Worth

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vTuned garage (age 28) is one of the most renowned YouTube channels covering automobile and vehicle-related content.

The guy shares mind-blowing car creations that envoi large body panel structure replacements frame off restorations late model power train installs and full race chassis installations

The garage is located in the heart of Chattanooga Tennessee USA  it is the same place where goonzquad is based.

It is a family-owned business. His real name and brother’s name are not disclosed yet.

 It is from this garage that v tuned learned his car-building skills and has grown his channel into a rewarding business venture.

Vtuned garage owner in early years and personal life

While the vtuned garage youtube channel seems to be gaining massive traction over the years the guy behind the super entertaining and thrilling videos prefers to conceal his personal life from the public.

In that regard, there isn’t much information about his real name his family,  relationships or his personal life even on his social media accounts.

However, all we have been able to gather is the vtuned garage success story as well as highlights on a few builds and net worth.

Vtuned garage youtube channel and success story

The YouTube channel vtuned garage has been making a lot of headlines over the years for its distinctively unique video content on automobiles and its impressive project car collection.

The guy has maximized his love for cars and tries to relate with his audience which is filled with automotive enthusiasts of all kinds and ages.

 His content is extremely relatable which is definitely why he has successfully accumulated approximately  594000 subscribers within very years of kicking off.

As we mentioned earlier the vtuned garage is a family-owned business meaning that it started earlier before the famous youtube channel.

vtuned spent all his time in his workshop watching his dad do his thing he slowly picked up a few skills in the process and was always identified as a fixer.

As he grew older his love for cars grew even more and he decided to nurture his skills and dedicate all his time to car building and repairing.

When all of his videos went viral and he gained several followers on his youtube channel he decided that vlogging was something he wanted to pursue full-time.

This gave him the motivation to start a whole new journey altogether the rate at which his fans were growing was a breakthrough for his vlogging and mechanical career.

The whole idea behind his videos is to show other car enthusiasts how to fix and build cars.

He exclusively makes car rebuild videos on some of the most direct cars that he feels he can fix up

Honestly speaking vtuned car choices have played a significant role in pulling an audience from all age groups.

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Car building highlights

 Here are some of the highlights from vtuned garage

mclaren 720s

When any of us talk about purchasing our dream cars the first thing that would run through everyone mind is that we would either buy it from a second-hand car dealer or purchase a new one from the showroom.

However, this isn’t the case with the guy from vtuned garage he loved the mclaren 720s and when he got the chance to purchase one he decided to buy a completely totalled version of his dream car

All his followers love this car despite the fact that it was a victim of a front-end collision on the highway even so the fact that it was a total wreck and didn’t look so good the guy from vtuned  garage decided he was going to submit his bid online and get it for himself.

When he won the bid he was highly thrilled he even made videos to show his excitement as he picked up his supercar

At the time he passed by samcrac garage to show him his huge upcoming project it was pretty interesting how he wasn’t moved by the costs that were involved in fixing the car

to him  this mclaren 720s 2019 model was an absolute jam but he didn’t even know what its mileage was as its battery was completely dead

as he took off the bent frame rail and so many other cars he continuously reaffirmed to his followers that the car didn’t look as bad as they all thought

he was fully convinced that fixing the McLaren was just like fixing any other vehicle that he has ever had in his garage.

 However, when he actually started fixing it he realized that the process may be more complex and overwhelming than he originally thought

this was mostly because the frame rail damaged the carbon fibre which was pretty difficult to work around also he couldn’t really find parts simply because very few McLaren 720s actually exit out of there

While these were some of the problems he experienced he was able to fix the car and drive it around happily

The wrecked 2003 porsche 911

another wow factor on the vtuned garage was when he fixed the wrecked 2003 porsche 911 unfortunately this car was involved in a pretty accident which damaged its frame despite the fact that it was easy to spot the front-end damage

vtuned still opted to fix it because of this build nearly everyone who follows him is convinced that they can repair a totalled car

It was so easy to notice that vTuned wasn’t using any protective equipment such as eyewear or gloves during the repair which was pretty interesting for everyone

He made the whole thing look so simple while most people agree that cars with frame damage tend to shake at freeway speeds especially if they aren’t fixed properly vtuned took his time to teach everyone that if they are fixed properly they can be fun to drive

For him, this was a very good buy and a huge project to work on even though it received a few bashes from many people he brushed it off and did his thing by the time he was done fixing the car it almost looked good as new

All his haters were definitely impressed.

vtuned garage net worth salary

The vtuned garage youtube channel was started on the 13th of April 2011 and the owner has uploaded about 164 videos so far

Currently, the vtuned garage youtube channel has about 549 000 subscribers with a total of 159 according to several internet sources the subscriber count seems to be growing as the days go by

As per our calculations, the estimated monthly earnings of the vtuned garage channel is approximately $25000 the estimated annual income of vtuned garage is in the range of 300 000 on the lower side and about $700000 on the higher side

 A major chunk of v tunes earnings come from the ads and sponsorships on their channel

Also, he makes a ton from his merchandise store and sales of the cars he has restored fully

He tries to make sure that he fixes all the cars very well so that they do not cause any problems in  the, future

he works as hard as possible and tries to promote his content and items across all social media platforms including Instagram and Facebook

His videos are between 20 and 30 minutes which makes them a lot more interesting to watch this is the main reason why his channel has grown so fast

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