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Banshee Moon aka Jennifer Saucier (age 56), better known by her YouTube handle Farm Girl Jen, was born on July 20, 1966, in the United States of America.

She is most known for earning fame on her channel Banshee Moon.

Banshee is a well-known YouTube celebrity who rose to stardom by chronicling her daily life on her YouTube channel, Banshee Moon, with her husband, Exoman.

Banshee Moon graduated from high school in her hometown before attending Tulane University in New Orleans to get a degree in business studies.

The university, which was founded as a medical college before becoming a comprehensive university, is located in New Orleans.

It is the ninth-oldest private university in the Association of American Universities with one of the country’s oldest medical schools.

They are recognized to have graduated several well-known inventors, businesspeople, and politicians.

In addition to notable screenwriters, performers, writers, law firm partners, and billionaires, they have also graduated.

Stanley Motta, Ricardo Salinas Pliego, David Filo, and Jerry Springer are among their prominent graduates.

What state does Banshee Moon live in?

She lives in North Carolina with her husband.

Married life and Husband Exoman

She lived mostly out of the spotlight after finishing her degree and married her spouse a few years later.

She began a family and didn’t see herself working online because it wasn’t an option at the time.

On September 24, 2007, Banshee Moon and her husband co-founded the Banshee Moon YouTube channel, where she used to publish videos of her farm operations while wearing bikinis.

She’s also referred to as a Farm girl.

Banshee Moon’s channel now has over 970 thousand subscribers, and she has over 1,200 videos on it.

Their Banshee Moon friendship is still going strong at the time.

There are no signs of friction or difficulties in the Banshee Moon connection.

Height, Weight & Body Measurement

Banshee Moon Height 5 Foot 8 Inches

Weight 68 KG and she is a tall woman with proportionate body dimensions.

She has also received a lot of attention from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube in recent months, with thousands of committed subscribers.


Banshee began her online profession when she was 40 years old.

She has become highly inspirational throughout time, maintaining a beautiful and healthy physique even at the age of 56.

She is doing amazingly well for herself and is also recognized for living a fun, active, and healthy lifestyle.

Despite her YouTube fame, Banshee Moon has yet to be recognized by Wikipedia.

At the moment, Banshee Moon is 56 years old.

Jennifer Saucier is her true name, yet she is better known to her fans as Banshee Moon or Farm Girl Jen.

She is also recognized for living a healthy, active, and fun lifestyle.

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Banshee Moon YouTube Career

Jen eventually discovered the website YouTube and its potential for content creation.

She started her channel in 2008, while the website was still in its infancy.

During her initial stage, she released a variety of videos, including ones on cosmetics, food, and farm animals for sale.

She eventually found that her content, which featured her doing agricultural duties, was attracting a lot of attention.

She decided to make more of these types of films, presenting vlog-style information while she went about her farm’s daily activities.

This would greatly boost her channel’s fame, as some of her most popular videos would receive millions of views.

Farm Girl Jen would regularly upload for the next decade, advertising her films every week.

Her size and appearance are one of the reasons she became so well-known.

Even though she is now over 50 years old, she manages to stay in shape and maintain a young appearance.

Many people attribute it to going to the gym regularly, as well as using various cosmetic items.

She appears in most of her popular videos wearing bikinis, swimwear, and even a towel.

This has earned her a lot of criticism, as most of her popular videos have been labelled as clickbait by viewers.

Personal Life and Social Media

 Jen has been married to Jay, who is also known as Exoman in her films, since 1988, and they have two children together.

Despite portraying herself as a farm girl, her YouTube stardom has allowed her to live a lifestyle far from that of a typical farm girl.

She has frequently seen boating, visiting resorts, travelling to other locales, and caring for a variety of pets.

She has over 50 thousand followers on Instagram, where she primarily posts personal images of her going outside and spending time with her family.

Due to issues with hashtags on her old account, she recently created a new Instagram account, which now has over 900 followers.

She also has a Facebook page with over 31 thousand likes, where she promotes her YouTube channel while also keeping fans up to date on her career and her husband’s activities.

Banshee Moon Net worth and Earnings

Banshee Moon videos have been watched over 300 million times, making her earn at least a decent amount every month.

Also, she has made a lot of her earnings on YouTube from brand deals.

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