Ruhi Cenet Age, wife, Wikipedia, Net Worth, Family

Ruhi cenet visited Turkey's first and only science village

Ruhi Cenet was born on October 20, 1990, in the city of Aydin, Turkey. He is an independent documentary filmmaker from Istanbul.  Most of his videos are like discovering unique places that are not and documenting them.  As of 2022 his age is 31 years old and has acquired a net worth of $2.5 million from two of his successful YouTube channel.

He studied computer science at the University of India. After coming back to Turkey; he started making videos for the YouTube platform. Produces informative, enlightening and educational videos. 

So far Ruhi Çenet main channel has achieved 6.25 million subscribers and another one is about to hit a million subscribers.

Is Ruhi Cenet Married? (Girlfriend)

  • There is no information online about Cenet’s marital status but we do believe he is dating someone. Also, he was encounter with one lady in his youtube video “staying at the world’s first robot hotel” in Japan.

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Parents and Family member

old photo of Ruhi Çenet with his aunt in Aydin
  • We couldn’t find his parent’s information as Ruhi is not active on most of his social account but after several researches, I could get his old photo of him with his aunt.

How old is Ruhi Cenet ?

  • His present age is 31 years old.

How Much Money Does Ruhi Cenet Make on YouTube?

His main channel has over 6.25 million subscribers as of 2022 and has gained about 897,419,816 million views so far. Every month he uploads a two to three video on this channel and the subscriber is growing exponentially at the rate of 2000 new subscribers every single day. Total upload video generates over 16.4 million page views per month. Therefore he is earning estimated revenue of $2000 per day ($720k annually) solely from YouTube ads.

Ruhi Çenet’s other channel is also making decent revenue from ads along with affiliate commissions.

If I have left out any information about Ruhi Cenet, please do let us know!