Clayton Schick Outdoors Age, Bio, Merch, Net Worth

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Clayton Schick is just as comfortable conducting a live vlog as he is ice fishing in rural Canada.

His YouTube channel, Clayton Schick Outdoors, has amassed a sizeable following due to his impressive outdoor feats and affable, relatable persona. 

His passion for nature is evident and viewers will fall in love with the scenery on display. Filmed in high quality, the ice fields of Canada provide a stunning backdrop for his videos and cause viewers to become spellbound. He also has a merchandise shop where fans can purchase items related to his YouTube channel. 

Let’s take a look at Clayton Schick in-depth and investigate his life story, age, net worth, and future prospects.

Clayton Schick Bio

Born and raised in Canada, Schick’s love affair with the outdoors started young. He was lucky enough to grow up in a country rich in natural beauty and the young Clayton Schick made sure to take full advantage out of this. Ice fishing was always a big part of his life like Murray Hebert and it continues to be a love of his to this day. 

Sensing he had a natural charisma and talent in front of the camera, Schick created a YouTube channel (called Clayton Schick Outdoors) where he spoke at length about his passion for the outdoors and combined it with immersive footage of the Canadian landscape. People lapped it up and, from there, Clayton Schick Outdoors grew rapidly. 

Now, Clayton Schick Outdoors is carving out a reputation as one of the premier outdoor-based YouTube channels. More and more viewers are taking notice of his content and are joining along with the ride. 

Net Worth (YouTube Income)

YouTube pays its content creators based on the number of views, likes, and subscribers they get. Whilst a tiny percentage of YouTubers are able to rake in millions of dollars from their channel, the vast majority of them make a passive income off the site.

Currently, Clayton Schick’s YouTube channel sits at 55,000 followers – giving his channel an approximate income of $16.5 k a year. Of course, he could also make money from paid adverts and endorsements should he decide to use them. 

Remember, though, that he almost certainly has another income stream and his actual net worth is likely to be substantially more. Therefore, it’s near-impossible to determine his actual net worth and we can only go on the stats of his channel.

For example, he also has an online store where people can purchase merchandise. 

How old is Clayton Schick? (current Age)

He was born in 1982 – making him 38 or 39 years old – depending on when his birthday is. 


Clayton Schick will continue to pursue his passion in life. His channel will continue to showcase the beauty of Canada, and viewers will continue to immerse themselves in his engaging content. If you’re looking for a new YouTube channel to watch, his channel is a great option. 

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