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Officially launching in June 2020, the Mariah Alice van life YouTube channel has started to explode in popularity. She currently sits at a shade over 30k YouTube subscribers and 100 followers on Patreon. However, we reckon that those numbers are set to get a lot higher over the coming year or so.

On this page, we want to give you a brief bio for Mariah Alice.

While she hasn’t talked all that much about her personal life, we want to share a few pieces of information that we have pulled from her YouTube videos. 

Who Is Mariah Alice?

Mariah Alice is one of only a few solo female van lifers on YouTube. Most other people following the van life are either male or a couple. This means that she already stands out from the vast majority of other van lifers.

Mariah travels around the United States in her self-converted Ford Transit van. She does this with her dog, Finn, in tow. Every so often, she is joined on the road by her boyfriend, Coleman, and his dog, Callie. 

The thing with Mariah Alice is that she really likes to keep a lot of information about herself private. For example, she doesn’t talk about her hometown or education on her YouTube channel or through any of her social media accounts.

Her YouTube channel focuses firmly on the van life experience like Jinti Fell.

In fact, unlike other van life channels, you won’t get to see her carrying out the van conversion. She just dove right into making quality videos for her YouTube channel.

Her content, mostly, features stunning shots of the various parts of the US that she visits.

However, she also speaks heavily about what life on the road as a solo female van lifer is all about. She talks about how it may not always be the most perfect of lives. This includes talking heavily about the depression and anxiety that she has to deal with while out there on the road.

How Old Is Mariah Alice?

Mariah Alice doesn’t mention her age on her YouTube channel. However, it is likely that she is in her early 20s. 

Does Mariah Alice Have a Boyfriend?

While Mariah Alice mostly travels around in her van solo, she does have a boyfriend. He joins her on the road every so often, and he was the one that helped her with the van conversion. 

Her boyfriend’s name is Coleman, and she has been in a relationship with him for a good number of years. There has been no discussion on Mariah’s YouTube channel about where Coleman works. However, since he opted not to head onto the roads with Mariah, it is likely that he holds down a stable job in their hometown.

What Is Mariah Alice’s Net Worth?

It is unknown how much cash Mariah Alice had when she hit the road. She is one of a few van life YouTubers that doesn’t really talk about the financial side of life on the road. However, she does seem to be a woman with a decent education, so it is likely that she had a decent amount of cash to get herself started.

Her YouTube channel is still fairly small. It is estimated that she has made around $15k from ads on her channel. This is likely more than enough cash to sustain her while she is travelling.

On top of this, she has a Patreon account.

At the time of writing, she has around 150 followers on Patreon. Since her smallest Patreon package is $5, this means that she is making at least $700 from Patreon a month. 

She also has Amazon affiliate links on each of her YouTube videos. While it is impossible for us to tell how much she makes from these Amazon affiliate links, they are likely to be contributing to her income somehow. After all, she is getting well over 100,000 views on some of her videos.

Final Word

Mariah Alice has only been on the van life scene for around a year, but she has already made a big splash. Based on the number of subscribers that she has so far, plus the number of people paying for her content on Patreon, we reckon that she is well on target to become one of the biggest van life YouTubers.

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