How much does a gallon of milk weigh?

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A gallon of milk weigh 8.601 lb and half of milk weigh 4.3 lb

The density of milk = The density of cow’s milk depends on the temperature; for homogenized and pasteurized fresh milk containing 3.5% fat at a temperature of 20 ° C.

How do we calculate a gallon of milk weigh?

Simple strategies:

Gallon= 3.785 litre

Now, we got its weighs, 3.785kg (Simple)

Specific Gravity of raw milk =1.033

Gravity X Weigh= Actual Weigh

1.033 X3.785 =3.909 kg

3.909 kg X2.2 =8.6 lb

½ (half) gallon= 8.6/2 =4.3 lb

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