Sandra Jean Betts (Ray Charles wife) Age, Net worth, wiki

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Net Worth$125000
Born: 1936
Origin: Cambridge, Ohio
Income source: Former Wife of Ray Charles & Mother of Sheila Raye

Sandra Jean Betts is a former wife of legendary pop singer Ray Charles and a mother of Sheila Raye Charles.  She is originally from Cambridge, Ohio born in the year 1936. Currently, Sandra Jean is 84 years old and has an estimated net worth of $125000 received after she filed a paternity suit against Ray.

She Met with Ray on his concert that was held in Dayton, Ohio.  Sandra knew certain people who were promoting his concert and they introduce her to Ray.

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Sandra Jean Betts Ray Charles Relationship

Betts was young and her parents didn’t really approve him for marriage as he was already married to Della Beatrice Howard Robinson. In the beginning, he told her that he is separated from his wife and she started seeing him regularly.

Then the problem started after Charles left for an international tour. She knew he was still with his wife and she began to wonder about her child’s future.

Betts filed a lawsuit against Charles on-behalf of a child after he refused the agreement.

How old is Sandra?

  • She is 84 year old.

Is Sandra Jean Betts still alive?

  • We didn’t receive any information above her death or living.
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