How Much Money the Food Ranger Make On YouTube- Net Worth

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The food ranger YouTube channel is run by the most talented food vlogger Trevor James and his wife Ting Ting after Mark Wiens. He has an estimated net worth of $2 million generated solely from his YouTube channel with a 3.3 million subscribe fan base.

The Food Ranger Trevor completed his graduation from University at UBC, Vancouver in 2014. After that, he received a scholarship to study in China. He taught English to make a little bit more money than he invested in his videos. His first videos were uploaded in September 2014 with the help of his friend. He also made a collaborated YouTube video with popular food vloggers like Sonny Side & Mark Wiens to compete for the 10x spice fire noodle challenge.


His channel has over 3.3 million YouTube subscribers and has achieved a ton of view so far. Every day his channel received about 4 million page views that generate around $3000 per day (nearly $500k a year) mostly earned from video ads, affiliate marketing and brand deals.

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Trevor James Early life

From an early age, he had a dream to travel around the world, eat and create a YouTube channel where he could upload his creative content.

Right after his graduation he meets with his career advisor and shared his entire plan to settle in china, make street food videos and upload them. To his surprise, she supported his dream and motivated to work on it rather than advising to follow normal lifestyle.  

Then he moved to Chengdu, china

While he was in china he learns Chinese language and taught English as a part-time to the Chinese student.

Whenever he gets some free time he tries to explore out to nearby places, try out their local cuisine, and make videos.  After continuous effort his channel gain o to 3000 subscribers within 8 months.

He has saved ample money from teaching English, which helps him to move out to another country to shoot new content.

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His first vacation was from Chengdu to Istanbul, where he met with the love of his life Ting Ting. She was from southern China, Guangzhou and they were living at the same bunk hostel in Urumqi.

Accidently she woke him up while check-in to a dorm room with her friend Xue. Then he woke up and started talking with her.

After one year of their relationship finally, they got married.

Everything changed when his channel grew exponential within 3 years on his YouTube career.

Now he is a full-time Youtuber and popular YouTube food Vlogger.

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