How Much Money Jelly Make on YouTube- Net worth

Jelly Net worth

Jelly Net Worth-$15 Million

His energy and never-ending enthusiasm have taken Jelly to next level on YouTube. Most of his content includes funny Gameplay videos, Vlogs and Deadpool challenges. Jelly has an estimated net worth of $15 Million.

Who is Jelly?

Jelly is one of the biggest gaming YouTuber on the platform. Currently, he has around 14 million subscribers on his YouTube channel and gets around 200 to 300 million views per month, which is absolutely mind-blowing.  He rose to fame through uploading gaming videos like GTA and Mine craft.

Today we are covering everything from jelly childhood to becoming a YouTube Millionaires.

Personal Information

Jelly’s real name is Jelly Van Vucht and he was born on October 14, 1996 south of Netherland, in Roermond. He has an elder brother, not a twin brother that you see in his videos. If you are still confused about Jelly brother than that’s the edited version of Jelly himself.  For most of his childhood, his family lived in Spain, and move to Holland.

So Jelly can talk German, Dutch and English.


Jelly was in a video game from school days. He used to make random video clips out of his gameplay and show it to his friends. Most of his friends like what he was doing and found it cool.

So he started a YouTube channel called GTA 5 videos and started uploading there to show it to his friends.  Suddenly he notices that not only his friends but other people also started watching his videos as well. That’s made Jelly excited and started to make more and more videos.

Slowly he started gaining a decent fan following on his channel and that’s how he was into YouTube. 

After three years he started another channel named Jelly vlog. He had two-channel and gained a good number of subscribers and views by then.  Jelly started to think seriously about making a career out of this. And he decided to create a new YouTube channel professionally and like a real serious job.

On June 2, 2014, Jelly present channel was born where he uploaded funny GTA 5 videos. He uploaded every single day and the channel hit 40000 subscribers in a 1 month, which is freaking awesome. After that Jelly is grinding nonstop and currently he has 13 million subscribers.

When we talk about Jelly we have to talk about Kwebbelkop(Jodi) and Josh (Slogoman), three of them play video games together.

By September 2014 Jelly had 100000 subscribers and he was planning for twitch streaming. On October on his birthday, he started his first merch release.

By December 2015 he hit 250000 subscribers and after that three of them started living in a robust mansion. By June 2015 he hit a million subscribers and that was a big achievement.

What is Jellys girlfriend’s name?

Yes, Jelly has a girlfriend, Sanna.  He met her in Holland 5 day before starting his channel Jelly.

What car does jelly have?

  • Porsche $300,000


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