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Jonathan Yentch hasn’t been in the YouTube business for long, but he is already sitting on a rather sweet 60k subscribers, and that sub count is only going to be getting bigger.

Touring the United States in his renovated 80s camper van, Jonathan is sharing his travels with the world. Let us tell you a little bit about him.

Who is Jonathan Yentch?

Jonathan Yentch is an American YouTuber. While he hasn’t spoken about his age on his channel, he is likely to be in his mid to late 20s.

Before he hit the road in his camper, he worked as an editor and cinematographer. His work even resulted in an IMDB credit for a short movie that he edited.

His YouTube channel details his travels on the roads of America.

His channel began with him discussing the renovations of his camper, and now it is all about life on the road.

Because of his previous work as a cinematographer and editor, his content has a very slick and cinematic feel. In fact, it is likely his editing style that has allowed him to gain subscribers so quickly. It just feels different from the other people following the van lifestyle.

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How Does Jonathan Yentch Make Money?

Jonathan calls himself a digital nomad. This means that he makes money online while he is driving his camper.

He doesn’t really talk about the ways he makes money. However, it is likely that he carries out light editing and photography work while on the road.

He plans to eventually make money solely from YouTube, although he is not quite at that point yet. Chances are that he will get there within a year or two.

What is Jonathan Yentch’s Net Worth?

It is likely that Jonathan’s net worth is rather low.

He has only been doing YouTube properly for around a year. While he has seen rapid growth in the number of subscribers, he is still only sitting at 60k. Based on his subscriber count and the number of views his channel gets, he has made roughly $20k from YouTube views.

He does run a Patreon account. From this, he has around $200 flowing in per month.

Because Jonathan doesn’t talk about his life before he hit the road, nor the work that he does while on the road, it is impossible to know his actual net worth. However, it is likely that he started with a rather sizeable sum of cash in his bank account. This is the only way he could have initially funded his travels.


Jonathan is a guy that is still very much at the start of his YouTube career.

While he hasn’t made much cash from YouTube as of yet, he certainly has all the tools he needs to be a big success. He creates exciting videos, mixes in his awesome personality, and wraps them up with some slick editing.

If you are interested in the world of van life, then this is a YouTuber that you are going to very much want to be keeping your eye on.

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