How Much Money KSI Makes on Youtube- Net worth

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KSI Net Worth- $20 Million

KSI  real name is Olajide William Olatunji is a massive British YouTuber. With almost 27 million subscribers, including both of his channels. He has an estimated net worth of $20 Million.

He rose to fame playing FIFA. After that he started doing challenges and then created citement then he started doing music also, everything was going great. Then the Joe Weller drama happened in the upload press conference, which triggered and started the whole amateur Yuju boxing genre. 


KSI was born on June 19 1993, which makes him 27 years old. He was born and brought up in one third Bedford church, England. He has a young brother named Deji, who’s also a YouTuber with almost 10 million subscribers.

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Youtube Career

KSI uploaded  FIFA 11 gameplay in those starting days for almost two years he was uploading very easy regularly, even though it’s irregular, his gaming commentary was very catchy and cocky. I mean, you can say that helped him in his boxing career to my August 2011. He had 20,000 subs in his channel. This was the first time he revealed his face to his audience.

Meanwhile, he dropped out of school as he wanted to focus on his YouTube channels. He knew that his channels were going good and he has good scope and growing bigger. He started uploading one video every day on both channels. JJ mainly uploaded FIFA 12 and his main channel and other random games in a second channel. By November 2011, he got like 100,000 subs, he introduced his brother in this channel. Soon after this, he and his dad came in one of his videos. Then his mom came in back the whole family was together in this. It was a peaceful time when the whole family was together and KSI and Deji were not fighting on Christmas. As of 2020 KSI net worth is $20 Million.

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By 2014, his channel has grown to millions of subs. From around mid-2014 Mini mentor, Toby and Harry started appearing in Kansai his videos a lot. They started the small, unknown, very insignificant group called sideman, no big deal. Wrong. sideman group went on to become one of the biggest groups in YouTube history named their own TV show or book moving in with sideman members definitely changed the content of canonize channel. It had more fun videos, more challenges and more people overall it helped each of the member’s channels KSI subscribers increased exponentially during this period. By August 2015. He had 10 million subs.

He was playing FIFA 16. During this time in 2016, the Seidman group decided to start an official channel for their gaming group called the sidemen. They started uploading videos on this channel to the channel is 6 million subs Now, each of their videos gets like an average of 10 million views reaching 2017 Kanye was uploading and his main channel in the second channel and inside men channel regularly. However, towards February 2017, suddenly stopped uploading videos.

How Much Money Does KSI earn on YouTube?

His channel has over 21 million subscribers as of 2020 and has gained about 5,126,163,561  views so far. Every week he uploads a video to his channel and his subscriber are growing exponentially at the rate of 4000 new subscribers every single day. Total upload video generates over 2 million page views per day. Therefore he is earning estimate revenue of $3500 per day solely from YouTube ads that run on the video.

Youtuber earn about $2-$7 per 1k views from YouTube partnered program at the share ratio of 60-40. USA, UK, CPC (cost per click) is higher than other Asian countries, i.e. earning fluctuates as per location of your traffic source, types of ads and other factors.

KSI and logan paul fight

He took a break for two more months and from August 2017 started uploading regularly again. There was a major change in his content, there were less gaming and more blogs and pranks. The year was 2018 and we witness the origin of YouTube boxing. Okay as I got into a beef with another British YouTuber, Joe Weller, and yes, this is a boxing fight between February 28 and KSI wanted taking the YouTube championship belt. On that occasion, he called out Paul brothers for a fight with him.

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Logan and Jake Paul responded to this and MK KSI. Kansai was fueled by this response and he proposed to do an official boxing fight with them. He called out for Jake Paul. However, in March 2018, they decided to him that match with Logan, and they signed a contract for a boxing fight to be held in August 2018. So on August 25 2018, the fight between Kansai and Jake Paul happened at the Manchester Arena in England.

Tickets went on sale by June, and the event was streamed on YouTube on pay per view basis. The event was watched by 21,000 attendees in the stadium, almost 1.05 million people watched it through pay per view, and another 1 million through illegal streams. It was one of the biggest events in YouTube history.

The fight ended up in a draw and KSI retained his YouTube championship belt. However, things didn’t end there. After the first fight, KSI and Logan decided to have a rematch. There was a lot of tension build up around this event. After lots of back and forth trash talk between them. The fight was set for November night. The fight was tight. It lasted for six rounds.

At one point it looked like Logan knocked down KSI bump because Logan hit cast from behind. Two points were deducted from Logan Paul. After that chaos I almost knocked down Logan but again, Logan stood up. After the long, intense, tiring fight, the score came in, and it was decided in the favour of KSI. On a split decision. The whole stadium went crazy. This fight was another record-breaking fight. Even big names like Justin Bieber was there. After the fight. The Logan team blamed the two-point deduction for the loss and they announced that he’s going to contest it.

Also, another crucial thing happened. Wait for it. Logan sneezed three times. Yep, that was the highlight of the fight. Now let’s talk about KSI Deji drama. It’s been like five or six times they fought may distract. Did apology videos make reaction videos to the apology videos? And at this point, I’ve lost track of their fight. But the biggest drama of all started with Randolph roasted Deji on assignment video. After that, the whole Christmas fight happened. Currently, things have come between them. It’s not good but at least the distract stop for the love of God. As of 2020 KSI net worth was $20 Million from Youtube.

He’s very competitive and clear about what he wants in life. He takes opportunities by its neck and makes the maximum out of it. JJ was confident in whatever he does, right from the beginning. If we see his initial videos, we don’t see a teenager who’s unsure about himself. We see a strong personality. From a gamer to a rapper to a boxer. He’s come a long way KSI emotes courage. Each of his fans feels that confidence and strength when they watch him and that’s all that matters for him.

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