Who is Arthur Gunn(Dibesh Pokhrel)

Arthur Gunn

Arthur Gunn aka Dibesh Pokhrel is a season 18 American Idol Contestant. His unique voice has touched many people around the world including the three judges Katy Perry, Lionel  Richie and Luke Bryan.

Gunn is a native of Nepal, settled in Wichita, Kansas.  Dibesh said he was fortunate enough to grow around music environment. His curiosity for music grew when his mother gifted him with a guitar on his 4th birthday.  His most inspiring singer include Bob Dylan, John Martyn, and  Robert Johnson.

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How Old is Arthur Gunn?

Dibesh was born in Kathmandu, Nepal in the year 1999. He is currently 21 years old.

Arthur completed his higher studies from Nepal and move to U.S to pursue his degree.

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When his audition was premiered live on 16 Feb 2020, he first sang “Girl from North country” by Bob Dylan and sang another song “Have you ever seen the rain”.  All three judges said “yes”. Luke Bryan asks Gunn to open for him in Detroit.

He also runs a Youtube channel by the name “ Arthur Gun( Official)  with over 129k subscribers. He has currently uploaded 22 videos on his channel.

Arthur Gunn- Most Popular youtube videos upload

  • Girl from North Country
  • Have you ever seen the rain
  • Dibesh Pokharel- Ma (official)

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