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Kyles (age 24 as of 2022) and his girlfriend Cierra build an off-grid cabin last spring located in northern Minnesota for around $10000. The couple lives a little bit differently than most millennials do. They are completely off-grid without any plumbing and no running water. Kyles cabin has all the comforts of a home that is on the grid but the only difference is that they just produce all their utilities by themselves.  As of 2022, he has an estimated net worth of $550000.

In this blog, I am going to share Kyles cabin daily routine like how they heat their house, take showers in freezing winter and bathroom.

How do Kyles and Cierra get their water?

In this freezing cold weather getting water is pretty labour intensive but it’s free. They melt snow during the winter and collect rainwater during the summer.

For melting snow Kyles use a 5-gallon stockpot and then pack that snow in as tight as possible. After the stockpot is full of snow he set it on the woodstove. After 15 minutes snow is fully melted into drinkable water.

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What is Kyles cabin real name?

Kyles’s real name is still unknown as he hasn’t shared on any of his YouTube videos.

Parents information

He does introduce his father in one of his videos “wall tent camping with wood stove with dad” but we didn’t get any information about his mother or siblings.


For showers, Kyles used his old car battery to hook that up with 12 volts RV pump. The hose on the left goes down to the stockpot and the hose on the right goes up to the showerhead.

Bathroom Needs

The off-grid couple has built an outhouse and It’s pretty nice to start your day off with a little nature walk, being able to look outside as you do your morning business.

How Kyles cabin is kept warm during winter?

Their primary heat source is firewood burned through a wood stove all winter. He doesn’t use a chainsaw to cut down dried trees instead, he manually do it by his hand. Kyle believes that “firewood warms you twice, once while you are burning it”.  Plus, you get to sit and watch a campfire right inside your cabin.

The downside of heating with wood though is if you’re not there to keep the fire going then your cabin is going to freeze up. So, they use 100 pound propane tank for the backup heater in winter that he gets filled when he is in town.

How do Kyles cabin managed to keep their house light up?

The couple uses solar panels for electricity. It makes a lot of things much easier for them like refrigeration, lights and also being able to watch TV which is really nice during this cold dark winter.

Since solar panel doesn’t generate much electricity during winter they have to run generator quite a bit to charge their batteries.

Summing Up!

The off-Grid couple Kyles and Cierra are really lucky that they get to live a life that they love.

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