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Who are the people in life uncontained?

Have you ever thought about leaving your regular household and moving into a unique living space with an independent environment where you can build your own house? Well, the Life Uncontained couple Mackenzie and Spenser (age 30) did just that and actually got quite successful in exceptional pursuit. As of 2022, they have an estimated net worth of $3 million.

Let’s dive deep into the amazing journey of Mackenzie and Spenser, who quit their boring and high paying jobs to live in a debt-free shipping container.

How did Life Uncontained start?

Their videos are pretty self-explanatory and are centred to focus on their main goal of building a self-reliable house without relying much on traditional systems like jake and Nicole.

Mackenzie and Spenser first moved to Texas from Florida in 2018 aiming to chase what makes them happier.

It could all seems like a joyful experience in many ways but leaving your comfy house to build one of your own is definitely a tough decision.  

The couple made it through and life uncontained is now a considerably popular channel on YouTube with more than 1.3 million subscribers.

The off-grid couple’s first-ever video was uploaded on the 5th of March, 2018 converting an unused old barn into a solar-powered workshop and place to keep all their equipment. They have an estimated net worth of $3 million.

How many square feet is the life uncontained house?

Mackenzie and Spenser build their dream house within 900 square feet property fully equipped with modern amenities powered by off-grid solar electricity.

How old are Mackenzie and Spenser?

Both couples age is in their 30s but sadly, they haven’t disclosed their real age.

Life uncontained baby (daughter) name and Family

When the life uncontained couple first moved into the woods with the astonishing aim they were together for about five years as they opened up in one of their first videos.

Fast forward to now Mackenzie Kyle and Spenser Kyle by their last name have two beautiful daughters Beau and Cam living in a self-built house somewhere in Texas.

How Much Money Does Life Uncontained generate from its channel?

After years of struggles and consistent effort, their channel managed to become immensely popular with 1.3 million subscribers on YouTube along with 58000 followers on Instagram. Their hard work and dedication truly deserved this fairy wide recognition.

Additionally, their most viewed video titled “couple build shipping container home with no experience” has captured the attention of more than 35 million viewers. As of 2022, Mackenzie and Spenser sit on an estimated net worth of $3 million.

9 things you didn’t know about Life uncontained

  • Where did the idea come from?

Apparently, the pair was inspired to create a home after taking a road trip and staying in a variety of unusual guest houses. Since then Spencer and Mackenzie looked into alternative designs on the internet.

They had an epiphany that would transform their lives forever and they made the decision to follow their aspirations right away.

They went ahead and purchased two shipping containers which they started repairing using youtube tips and video tutorials.

  • Their Building experiences

It’s worth noting that these two were neither professionals in technological work nor had any prior experience in building. Before they began working on this project they had worked in a restaurant.

  • Their very first project

Spencer and Mackenzie had nowhere to stay while working on their off-grid home after they chose to leave Florida and start building it. So they had to take on a small modest project before erecting their shipping container house.

  • Where do they get the Land?

Many people’s main and most pressing concern is how they came to own the property on which they are constructing their new home.  According to the video they posted Spencer remembers his youth swimming in the backyard pond at their current property.

This clearly suggests that they were most likely given the property by his parents.

However, neither of the couples has addressed this issue properly stating whether or not they own the piece of land and how they came to own it.

  • An Emotional start

A life uncontained project is most emotionally charged when it’s in its beginning stages believe it or not.

The couple’s greatest worry was the possibility that they might look back and regret not doing this.

To begin they arranged for the delivery of two shipping containers to their land.

Mackenzie in a video she and her family reveal how she broke down in tears as the moving truck carrying their belongings arrived.

Summing Up!

Mackenzie and Spenser without any prior experience in building stuff and making it to this level of success is really inspiring and motivating.

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