Margie Hendrix (Founder of the Raelettes) Dead, Son, Age, Net worth

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Margie Hendrix is a well-known American rhythm & blues singer and also a founder of the Raelettes girl group (Back singing group of Ray Charles).  She was a daughter of Renzy Hendrix and Kattie born on 13 March 1935 in Georgia.  Ray Charles Margie Hendrix relationship grew stronger but the singer Ray was already married to his second wife Della Beatrice Robinson.  After some year of their relationship, Margie Hendricks son Charles Wayne Hendricks was born in 1959.

Margie Hendrix dies of a cocaine overdose in New York City at the age of 38 years old and she was worth $1.5 Million.

Early life

During her teen, she enjoyed playing the piano along with crescendo singing. In the year 1950, she debuts her first solo recording, “Everything”, label by Lamp.  Later on, she took Beulah Robertson position in cookies (American R&B Girls Group) and in that same year the group signed with Atlantic Record.  The group was also working as a session singer at Atlantic were they first met with Ray Charles.  

Margie & McCrea wasn’t happy to work with Cookies, so they left and formed the Raelettes group.

In 1958, “Night time is the right time” Ray first ever song with the Raelettes group was release. The song was like a light in the darkness for the group with 5 hits on the R&B chart.  Margie slowly strengthened her relationship with Ray that literally deteriorated her career in singing as she developed drinking & consuming heroin habit.

In 1964, Ray fired Margie from the Raelettes group due to severe argument & picking a fight on the recordset.

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How did Margie Hendricks die?

Media source claim that she was living in poverty when she died and some say she died due to heroin overdose.  Margie died in New York on 14-7-1973 at the age of 38 years old.

What was Margie Hendrix net worth when she died?

She was estimated with net worth of $1.5 Million during her dead.

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