Millennial Farmer (Zach) Age, Father, Net Worth, Wife

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Zach Johnson Age 37 and his wife Becky age 35 have inspired many farmers all over the world as they share secrets to getting the right harvest through their YouTube channel Millennial Farmer.

Zach’s family emigrated from Sweden in the 1870s and established the farm.

In the 1960s they experienced a major setback when the third generation grandpa became ill and died young unexpectedly. Grandma had to collect her belongings and relocate to the south with Zack’s father who was only a few years at the time. He has an estimated net worth of $2.3 million.

In Southern Minnesota, his father grew up farming with his stepfather and uncle. Zack’s father’s name is Nathan Johnson and he rarely appears on the MN Millennial Farmer channel.

In his early 20s, Zach Johnson returned to a family farm like Lumnah acres and rented the land from his great grandpa who still owned it but could no longer farm it.

Zach is the fifth generation of Johnson to farm this land with his wife Becky along with four children. One of the children is their fostered niece who has been living with them for several years.

The most viewed video was about the tractor with a cultivator hooked to the rear buried deep in the muck that it couldn’t back out on its own went on to amass over 3 million views making it the all-time most popular video on his channel Millennial Farmer.

Zach also loves dirt track racing.

After he graduated high school he attended school in Bemidji Minnesota to study performance engines that power race cars.

Several years later he says he noticed a disconnect between farmers and non-farmers even who grew up in this rural area.

One non-farmer he knows said she looked up GMOs on the web it was all negative. She couldn’t find one farmer who talked about why he planted GMOs.

Zach took it upon himself to educate people as the Millennial Farmer.

How many kids does the Millennial Farmer have?

The couple has three children the eldest one is onyx age 12, the Middle one is Rhiannon age 9, and the youngest is Isla age 6. Zack and Becky’s niece Aurora age 20 also lives with them in Lowry, Minnesota.

How much land does Millennial Farmer own?

Zack and His Father Nath own about 2600 acres of land in Minnesota and grow mostly grains and soybeans.

Millennial Farmer Net Worth

As of 2022 the channel has over 925000 subscribers and has received over 261 million views. Zach’s channel receives over a hundred thousand daily views from various sources. The adverts that show on the videos should generate $1000 per day which is 300k per year in revenue after YouTube takes its cut.

Video creators in the United States, UK, Canada and Australia are typically paid $2 to $12 on every one thousand monetized views. Zack has an estimated net worth of $2.3 million as of 2022.

Several factors influence earning like the type of devices used, location and user retention.

Other sources of income include sponsorship deals with agriculture-related businesses, public speaking and his merchandise store.

A lot of the earnings from the YouTube channel Minnesota Millennial farmer are donated to families in crisis through organizations helping such families.

Also, the Johnson family donates part of their money to the fire department for facilitating training and equipment to help rescue people from hazards due to flowing grain.  

Zack Johnson Height & Weight

His height is 6’ feet tall approximate 182 cm and his weight is around 80 kg.


  1. John Deere Tractors
  2. Seed Tender
  3. Wosendorf loader
  4. Gallon Bucket spray trailer
  5. 45 feet wide land roller
  6. Pickup trucks
  7. Small crane
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