Dailydrivenexotics (Damon Fryer) Age, House, Daughter, Net Worth, Wife

Photo of Dailydrivenexotics Damon Fryer with his father

Who is Damon Fryer from Dailydrivenexotics?

Dailydrivenexotics also known as DDE is an entertainment group that is an inspirational lifestyle brand that combines exotics automobiles, action sports and popular culture. It’s an automotive and luxury lifestyle media company founded by Canadian entrepreneur Damon Fryer in 2012.

They exhibit their adventures through their YouTube channel and other social media platforms.

DDE is based in Victoria British Columbia in Canada. Damon Fryer was born on January 30, 1979, in Canada and as of 2022, his age is exactly 43 years old. He has an estimated net worth of $2.8 million.

Dailydrivenexotics is run by Damon Fryer and Dave Coulter.

Damon is an affiliate marketer and supercar owner. He grew up in an entrepreneurial and self-employment type of environment.

Damon Fryer’s parents were in the hospitality industry as they owned and operated a motel with a restaurant and RV park. He was significantly influenced by entrepreneurship from a very early age.

This was the main reason why Damon dropped out of middle school.

In 2012 Damon also founded a self-clothing brand of the same name Dailydrivenexotics. There he worked as a sales consultant in a company called “The Brick”

From there with a bit of luck, his mentor introduced him to the world of email marketing.

Although, he’s more known for driving around in his Lamborghini Gallardo or BMW m3 or making viral content Damon’s full-time profession is email marketing.

After learning email marketing he quickly earned thousands of dollars in commission through leveraging email lists and matching those people with relevant products.

Dave Coulter is a trendy face among the followers of DDE.

He serves as chief executive producer of DDE.

 Dave contributes an enormous wealth of experience in social media and content creation acquired over several years working in top positions in the entertainment world.

Dailydrivenexotics Personal Life and Family (Wife Name)

Nothing much has been known about his family as he prefers to keep it low-key in his private life.

Damon Fryer married Natasha in 2011and they have three beautiful daughters Presley, Mia and Tyla.

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After living in Vancouver in Western Canada they recently moved to Okanagan Kelowna.

The house has eight car garages and a pool with a full basement suite along with multiple bedrooms.

There’s also a guest room made for Dave.

The new home has enough space to park 30 vehicles on the property and they have a detachable garage in the new DDE HQ which is attached to the house.

DDE Parents & Siblings

He has not disclosed his father’s name but we do know his mother is Ursula who loves travelling. Damon also has one sister Athena.

Lamborghini Collection

Damon Fryer has made a video on the “full tour of his supercar collection” and uploaded it on his channel.

  1. Lamborghini  Huracan LP-580
  2. Lamborghini  Murcielago LP-640
  3. Lamborghini  Gallardo Squadra Corse
  4. Chevrolet Corvette c8
  5. Mclaren MP4-12c-DDE
  6. MCLAREN 720s
  7. Lamborghini  Huracan LP-610

How Much did Damon Fryer earn from Channel Dailydrivenexotics?

Dailydrivenexotics has over 2.85 million subscribers and video views of 645 million totals. On average, their monthly income is approximately $96000 and yearly revenue of $1.1 million from ads that appear on the videos alone. Overall the youtube channel has a net worth of $1.4 as of September 2022.

YouTube content creators in the US, UK, Canada and Australia usually get paid $3 to $7 per thousand monetized views after YouTube’s own deductions.

Also, the creator’s earnings are influenced by many factors like the type of device played on, ad engagement, ad inventory, geo-location and niche etc…

Damon Fryer has a net worth of $2.8 million dollars owing to his career as a successful entrepreneur.

 Moreover, he also earns from various sponsorship deals, promoting products like Asphalt 9, Omaze etc.

The Dailydrivenexotics brand also has an online merch store that offers official DDE t-shirts, hoodies, Jackets, hats and many other products.