Derek Bieri (Vice Grip Garage) Age, Wife, Military, Net Worth

Derek Bieri with his wife Jessica wearing green shirt promoting Irish cold snack available on their store

Derek Bieri aka Vice Grip Garage is a popular YouTube channel dedicated to salvaging and resuscitating anything with wheels.  

If you love to watch the old, rusty and ramshackle car get revivified and turned brand new our guess is you are probably familiar with Vice Grip Garage. He has an estimated net worth of $1.2 million. Derek Bieri was born in Minot, North Dakota, in the United States on the 16th of May 1984 and as of 2022, his age is 38 years old.

As much as we would love to get a little bit more personal about Derek, there isn’t much on the internet about his childhood and nothing about his family history.

Derek seems to be close-mouthed about that information so we know nothing about his parents so far.

But we do know that classic cars topped Derek’s list of childhood passions.

Is Derek Bieri married? Wife Name

For someone who has racked up quite a lot of fame and popularity through the years, it’s not unusual for fans and subscribers to be curious about Derek’s relationship status and love life.

Derek Bieri is married to Jessica Bieri but much like his family history, we do not know much about Derek’s wife.

Although she features in his videos sometimes, there are no details about her but we believe she is supportive of her husband, just not where the world can see.

They have 3 sons together and they seem like a pretty happy family.

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Derek Bieri Vice Grip Garage Career

Derek started his channel back in the year 2007, on December 9th but it looks like he uploaded his first video with the title “1969 Camero Z28 first start in years Vice Grip Garage EP2” only 3 years ago.

From then on, he had been uploading videos about rescues, budget builds and how-to in easy-to-understand terms.

One of his videos titled will it run and drive 600 miles home? 1968 Buick Lesabre 400 Forgotten for 26 years! Uploaded a year ago remains his most viral video with over 9 million views.

Vice Grip Garage keeps growing day by day as he consistently uploads a video once every week.

Before YouTube Derek Bieri’s career started some 20 years back and he didn’t start filming and uploading on YouTube until recently.

In the interview published on fornoob he said “he noticed the need for more shade tree, low budget, and blue-collar wrenching kind of content on YouTube”.

And he decided to give it a shot and it took off really well.

When Derek was asked in the interview if he had any formal mechanical training since he had a lot of experience reviving cars, he revealed that he picked up everythingfrom watching his father and grandfather on the farms.

What does Derek Bieri do with the cars he rescues?

 He keeps the cars that have sentimental value to him just in case a time ever comes when the owners want to buy the cars back.

Some cars Derek keeps for himself and some others he keeps for his children if he realizes they might increase in value along the way.

The rest he sells and he puts the money back into his YouTube channel.

How many Cars do Vice Grip Garage discover on their own and how many do people help them to find?

Derek fined most of the cars by himself but as he gained more popularity, he has been receiving a lot of cars for sale.

Although he doesn’t mind receiving cars for sale, he said the most difficult part is travelling to get them.

Most folks don’t know how much that costs these days”

Derek Bieri Net Worth & Earnings

Our estimation is that Vice Grip Garage earns approximately $57000 annually through AdSense.

The average CPM rate per 1000 views for car videos on YouTube is estimated at $6. According to the social blade, Vice Grip Garage gets an average of 470000 views daily on YouTube.

When we divide that by 1000 and then multiply it by a $6 CPM rate, he makes somewhere around $2800 daily, $86000 monthly, and approximately $1000000 yearly.

When we subtract YouTube’s 45% he is left with $570000 yearly from AdSense.

Vice Grip Garage also earns from the merchandise displayed on its website. Derek Bieri’s net worth, including his assets and income, is estimated to be $1.2 million.

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Why did Derek Bieri Move from Minnesota Wisconsin to Tennessee? (Real Reason)

Derek and his wife Jessica have revealed the reason on their other channel “Vice Grip Lodge” why did they move to Tennessee.

  1. Cost of living
  2. Shop Location
  3. Hub of Motosport
  4. Living in the country
  5. Weather

Social Media Follower count

  1. Instagram: 181k followers
  2. Facebook: 226972 followers
  3. Twitter: 2876 followers
  4. YouTube: 1.26 million subscribers

How old is Derek Bieri?

As of 2022, Derek’s age is 38 years old.

Was Derek in the military?

Yes, he was a former US Veteran but we don’t long how long Derek has served in military service