April Wilkerson Age, Husband, Parents, Net Worth, Injury

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April Wilkerson might just have become a common household name for those who enjoy doing woodworking and metalworking by themselves. She is a famous American YouTuber whose channel is mainly dedicated to making do-it-yourself video projects that deal with wood and metal around the home.

April Wilkerson has become a darling to so many over the span of her YouTube career. As of 2022 April’s net worth is estimated to be $5 million and her age is 35 years old.

She is known not only for her innovative woodwork but also for her extremely charming personality.

April is known for being extremely passionate about building anything she possibly can. She enjoys challenges and encourages her viewers to do the same and the best part of it all is that she teaches them exactly how to build.

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Who is April Wilkerson?

She is a business management graduate from the University of Texas yet she does something extremely different from her career line.

April was in fact some of the very few people who started a YouTube channel back in the day when YouTube was just getting popular but most importantly there weren’t many creators who made videos about woodwork which is what helped her stand out.

As soon as she graduated she started working on small projects such as building DIY desks, chairs or wall hanging to improve her house interior.

It actually started when she hired a contractor to build her a new pantry in her kitchen and they charged her a massive $1000 just to build a tiny pantry.

April Wilkerson decided to take things into her own hands and build a pantry with just three tools a jigsaw, a power drill and some discount lumber.

She didn’t know much about woodwork but the cost of building a pantry reduced a lot.

Apparently, she was so good at building things she decided to post about their home improvement projects on her blog in February 2013.

The blog eventually led her to create YouTube videos.

Her YouTube videos explained in very detail the entire process involved, how she built things and the best part about her channel was how innovatively she converted a whiskey bottle into a holiday decoration.

The viewers found her videos to be very doable because they resonated with them in how real and particle they were.

April only made from things that she would find lying around one’s house and because of that her viewer ratings increased rapidly.

She never called herself an expert and always referred to herself as a newcomer and teacher.

She has built many things such as a planter, a coffee table, a pressurized outdoor airline between shops, an outdoor shower and even a porch.

April Wilkerson Injury

She hasn’t made any video about her injury but April has posted on Instagram about the tragic incident. she said: “After a solid week of bed rest, I am finally strong enough to leave.”

Early Life

April Wilkerson was born on October 3rd, 1987 in Corpus Christ Texas (southern Gulf) which means that her age is now 35 years old and her zodiac sign is Libra. She was raised around the south Texas coast and April is extremely close with both of her parents.

When she was 19 she moved to Fort Worth and lived there for 12 years.

In 2011 she revealed that she spends an entire Sunday playing golf with her father and she dedicated her entire Instagram post to wishing her mom a happy birthday. Her mother’s name is Rita.

As a kid, she wasn’t remotely interested in anything shop-related, tools or building stuff but as a kid, she was into twirling for the first decade of her life and then switch over to tennis.

Her channel’s previous name was Wilker’s duo presently has 2 million subscribers however she now has renamed it to April Wilkerson.

Is April Wilkerson Married? (Personal Life) Husband

April Wilkerson was married to the love of her life Cody. He is an engineer by profession but not much is known about the duo other than their divorce.

Very recently the media has speculated that the very sweet couple probably divorced some time ago.

April stops wearing her ring and no longer mentions her former husband Cody in her YouTube videos.

This definitely can’t be said for sure but we couldn’t help but make an assumption. April has avoided any and all questions regarding her marital status.

What is April Wilkerson’s net worth?

She also co-hosts a few TV series along with her YouTube videos so she does make a quite hefty income.

Despite earning lots from her work April Wilkerson wears the simplest clothes and her social media pages are all majorly filled with her work than with her luxurious lifestyle.

As of 2022, she has an estimated net worth of $5 million but her exact net worth is still under review.

Also, she doesn’t do many sponsored videos either. She keeps her content as authentic as it can get.

Is April Wilkerson related to Tim Allen?

No, she is not related to Tim Allen.  April met Tim in the show “assembly required” which aired on the history channel network on Feb 23rd. The host of the show was Tim Allen and Richard Karn.

How old is April Wilkerson?

Her age is 35 years old as of 2022.

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