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Wild wonderful off grid is a YouTube channel started on May 12 2018, by a young couple Erin age 30s and Josh Myers (age 32), in their attempt to document the self-construction of their own home located in West Virginia, United States.

The channel comes under the category of How-to and Style. The wild wonderful off grid has grown steadily since its debut and has a subscriber count of 840k.  Their channel gets around 200k views every day.

Pretty high for a channel on off-grid living right?

Who are Josh and Erin of wild wonderful off grid?

On-screen Josh, Erin and their adorable kids approach the challenge of building their dream home with A plan, good nature and humour.

You may wonder how they stayed together during this stressful period of this huge project and life transition.

Besides being an amiable couple on-screen who enjoy each other’s company, joke around and all Josh and Erin also have a good understanding of each other.

The family includes two boy’s carter and Haiti; and their adorable smiley, dimply preschooler Ellie.

That’s not all!

They also have chucked a silver-coated Boston terrier who is elderly and always underfoot; an adolescent bull steers Bruce; a young goat named Leon and a flock of chickens.

Where is wild wonderful off grid located?

On May 10 2018 Josh and Erin’s journey to a new step in their life began.

They decided to sell their home and everything they owned to move off-Grid with their three children like life uncontained. The off-grid couple builds their own house on 73 acres of land in the mountains of West Virginia.

Their primary aim was to leave behind the city life and build off-grid house, which is free of debt and learn to live a self-sufficient lifestyle.  

Since then they have lived in a 30’ RV as a family of 5 until their home begins inhabitable.

Can you guys imagine building a house of your own from scratch clearing up all the trees and self-financing the construction of the house without any loans?

It’s easier said than done.

But this cute and adoring family has done just that through sweet determination and humour.

How did they start all this?

Wild wonderful off grid Josh and Erin say that the main reason for moving out of their previous house was that they had outgrown their property.

They made a full-fledged farm which started off with just six chickens in a small coop!

They outgrew the land and started to crave more self-sufficiency.

In the first video, they talk about building a log home in the winter cutting down logs and preparing them to dry.

However, their goods got robbed and they decided to go with an A-frame home because it would be easy to build.

Josh and Erin Myers’s house will be powered by solar that way they will be saving much on electricity bills.

The children are homeschooled and taught by Erin.

Erin was a middle school teacher, and that’s why Josh thinks that homeschooling their kid is the best option.

Elle, who is just four years old, stays close with Erin and Josh while they work.

How much does wild wonderful off grid make? (Net Worth)

What is wild wonderful off-grid net worth?

Although their net worth is not publicly known their income from YouTube can be estimated.

As of 2021, they have an estimated net worth of $1.44 million which can go up to $2 million, considering their multiple sources of income like their second channel and farm business.

Moreover, they also work with multiple brands to sponsor their videos, like honey, simple safe, SkillShare, square space etc.

Merchandise sales are also another source of income for Josh and Erin.

Are you amazed by the unique and simplistic lifestyle of this couple?

Do let us know.

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