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Who is Noraly Schoenmaker from Itchy Boots? Noraly (age 34) who is popularly known as Itchy Boots is the mastermind behind the channel. She is a well-renowned Dutch traveller and adventurer travelling the world riding motorcycles.  Schoenmaker is a solo traveller and is very comfortable in her solitude. She often mentions that travelling alone allows her to meet new people and it pushes her to get out of her comfort zone. Noraly has an estimated net worth of $2.5 million.

Because of this, she’s got the opportunity to meet many locals who help her out and hang out with her.

She actually has itchy feet, not literally! But she has a constant desire to travel and move from one place to another for this reason Noraly named her channel itchy boots to describe her wanderlust.

At present, she isn’t dating anyone and is unmarried.

Noraly Schoenmaker’s early years and personal life

Noraly was born on May 2nd, 1988 in Rotterdam, Netherlands that way her age is 34 as of 2022.

Her mother was a housewife while her father was running a hardware shop near their home. She completed her kindergarten, primary school and high school education at different private schools in Rotterdam.

Thereafter she moved to Amsterdam for higher studies and eventually completed her MSC from the University of Amsterdam.

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How Itchy Boots was started?

Noraly graduated with a master of science degree in geochemistry when she was only 23 years old.

After she received her degree Noraly Schoenmaker travelled to Australia to collect the rock samples that she needed for her PhD research which was going to start as soon as she went back to the Netherlands.

However, everything turned out differently and was completely against her intended schedule.

After successfully collecting her rock samples she felt the need to travel a little bit more before returning back to the Netherlands.

She decided to explore Australia and after that found herself in New Zealand and in India.

When she was in India Noraly realized that pursuing a career in science wasn’t her thing anymore and all she wanted was to travel and explore the world further.

She immediately cancelled her PhD research and decided to continue travelling across the globe.

After a couple of months, she found herself in Indonesia with exactly 100 euros left in her bank account.

Noraly didn’t know how she could raise quick cash to keep travelling so she flew back to Perth to figure it all out.

While in Perth she ended up working in the mining industry as an exploration geologist for about six months and she was able to make a significant amount of cash from her job.

When she realized that she had saved up enough money she quit her job and left Australia immediately.

She backpacked solo through Central America, South East Asia, East Africa, and South America. 2 years after that, she had spent all the money she had saved up and was completely broke, homeless and jobless. This time around, she couldn’t go back to Australia, she had to go back home to the Netherlands.

Luckily, when she got there, she got a job for an international dredging company, where Noraly worked on several dredging projects all over the world for 5 years.

This time around she had to be very careful with her spending.

She was very pleased by the fact that she could travel and work at the same time.

In the middle of all these, she was carried away and felt the need to become a full-time traveller once again so in 2018 she quit her job, sold her house and booked a one-way flight to India and never looked back.

Itchy Boots Wikipedia

Real NameNoraly Schoenmaker
BirthdayMay 2nd, 1988
Age34 year as of 2022
Height5 feet 8 inches tall
Weight65 kg
Hair colorBlonde
Eye ColorSky blue
New BikeHonda CRF 300 Rally
Husband NameUnknown
EducationMSC from the University of Amsterdam.
ProfessionYouTuber, Vlogger
Net Worth$2.5 million

Itchy Boots transition from a Backpacker to a motorcycle traveller

Noraly Itchy Boots proudly standing on Khardung La: World’s Highest Motorable Pass

 Initially, Noraly’s plan was to become a travel blogger who would write different destination tips and guides for anyone who loved solo travelling.

She immediately started her blog and called it “Itchy Boots”.

She backpacked through India and Bangladesh and started writing about these destinations.

When exploring the northern part of India she stayed in a small town known as Manali.  When she was there she realized that she could rent a motorcycle for a small fee and move around easily.

Noraly became so obsessed with the adrenaline rush that came with riding a motorcycle.

She rented a Royal Enfield Himalayan bs3 and rode the motorcycle on her own for about 3000 kilometres around the Himalayan mountains.

That was the first time she had ever ridden a motorcycle for weeks.

Is Itchy Boots Married? (Boyfriend)

No, Itchy Boots is unmarried and still single.

When pursuing her higher studies in the Netherlands she had a boyfriend whom she loved very much.

However, she developed an interest in exploring the world while her boyfriend preferred to stay around Australia.

Unfortunately, that became a challenge in their relationship as they were always at odds about it. As time went by their priorities slowly shifted and they weren’t able to co-exist as lovers.

Currently, Noraly Schoenmaker aka itchy boots is unmarried and isn’t planning to get married anytime soon.

How Much do Itchy Boots make on YouTube? Her Net worth & Earnings

Her social blade metrics reveal that she gets around 212000 daily viewers and to find her CPM we will divide the number of views by 1000 and multiply the result by her channel’s CPM rate.

According to silver mouse, the channel CPM will be $4.29 as it is based in the Netherlands and income stream builders show the CPM as $3.47 as it focuses on the lifestyle niche.

If we average the two rates we get an average CPM of $3.88 cents.

Her total AdSense revenue will therefore be $824 however YouTube takes a 45% cut from this leaving the channel with daily revenue of $453 translating to $23599 monthly and $163184 annually.


You can purchase apparel on her online shop at an average price of $15.41 assuming that 2124 or 1% of her daily viewers visit the store and assume five per cent of them = 106 people will purchase merchandise.

To get the total income we will multiply the average price by the number of people that purchase the goods.

$15.41 * 106 people which gives her $1633 daily from her merch.

As of 2022 Itchy Boots has an estimated net worth of $2.5 million.

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Itchy Boots Noraly Desert Experiences

The desert of Oman and Iran have been the places of unforgettable and the most memorable experiences for Noraly.

Throughout her journey, she says she’s never done that before and on this journey, I’ve already encountered two long stretches of desert.

There is just something about the endless sands stretching until the horizon and the feeling of solo riding on her motorbike is unforgettable.

How tall is itchy boots?

In one of Noraly Schoenmaker’s videos, she revealed that her height is 5 feet 8 inches and weighs around 65 kg.

What type of bike does Itchy Boots ride? (New Motorcycle)

Previously, Noraly was riding Ronin Honda CB500X but decided to switch to Honda CRF 300 Rally because it was much lighter than other bikes and suitable for off-road trails.

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