Biker Stuff Age, Name, Husband, Bio, Net Worth

Biker stuff Dana on her brand new Kawasaki bike

Biker stuff aka Dana Garis (age 57) is a self-proclaimed ex-model, a motorcycle enthusiast and a mechanic who enjoys working on motorcycles in her spare time. She occasionally documents her bike travel adventures on her YouTube channel Biker stuff and on BS2 and KM90 Restoration channels.

As her channel started generating decent income Dana began to use the money to build and repair new bikes. 

Dana Garris frequently tells her audience that she owns three Honda CBR motorcycles.

She got her first bike Honda cub c-50 when she was 16 years old and she used to travel from her home to school. Although very little is known about Dana her net worth is estimated to be around $200000 based on the revenue she received from her channel.

Due to YouTube demonetizing most of her videos she started a new YouTube channel called BS2 which has been gaining subscribers steadily.

Dana Garis revealed that she and her husband had recently included a dog in their family as a new member.

Biker Stuff Personal Life & Biography

Dana J Garris is a lady from Cornwall, England and there she owns a small bike workshop in her garage where she experiments and films.

She spends most of her time reading about bikes and their history.

When she is not working you will see her riding a bike. Biker stuff Dana is 57 years old and retired working full time as a content creator.

Dana uploaded her first video about three years ago and most of her videos are very well received with 75% of her viewers being from the US.

She had a very slow growth in the beginning but her growth has gradually been speeding up.

Her videos have slowly been improving to the new classrooms like tutorials with custom-made kits and ideas to help you learn better.

Dana has experience in mechanics that allows her to stand out from all the other YouTubers and her videos have a vintage feel to watch.

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How much does Dana make on YouTube?  Net Worth

Biker stuff joined YouTube about three years ago and has gained 142000 subscribers on her main channel Biker stuff. Dana makes around $500 a day and it could easily go up to $15000 a month.

Also, besides YouTube, she also earned additional revenue from only fans and online merch.

If you do own a bike or if you would like to converse with the creator herself you can easily do so by visiting her channel.